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SRB SIS Knowledge Base

Service Ticket Process

Streamlining Service Tickets 

In the SRB SIS Division of PowerSchool, we always look for ways to improve support and services to our clients. In 2016, we streamlined our processing of service tickets. Our goal: An effective and efficient process, including gathering client feedback on the priority of enhancements

As part of this revamp, we instituted weekly escalation meetings to review all tickets which support has not been able to resolve.  During this meeting, tickets can come to one of five ends:

  1.  Information provided to resolve ticket;
  2.  Ticket assigned to Development for further investigation;
  3.   Priority defect or priority enhancement ticket assigned to a planned release;
  4.   May close tickets as “will not implement” through their validation process;
  5.   Enhancement or non-priority defect tickets moved to Trillium Enhancements Prioritization Portal for prioritizing by clients.

Note: Priority 1 defects (defined by ITIL guidelines as having High Severity and High Impact) continue to be escalated and resolved immediately. These do not wait for our weekly meeting.

Trillium Enhancements Prioritization Portal

In an effort to provide Trillium users a louder voice and greater influence on our releases, we are opening the Trillium Enhancements Prioritization Portal. This will allow you to vote, comment on, and be notified of, any updates to minor Defects or Product Enhancements (known as Ideas) in the Portal. All Ideas will be visible to all portal users. Each Board will have one voting account, and can vote for as many ideas as they deem a priority. Using the portal will make the community priorities clear to all Boards. Ideas with the highest number of client votes will be prioritized for product releases. For the record: Minor means changing something that already exists, as opposed to developing something entirely new.

Quarterly, we will review the top-ranked ideas and incorporate them into our next round of releases. A defined amount of Development resources will be reserved to address these ideas in those releases.

Populating that Enhancements Portal

We have populated that Portal with Ideas from various service tickets. We met with the Trillium User Group executive, the Priority Setting Committee (PSC), and the ECNO Advisory Committee (EAC) to review the Portal and processes for populating it. Those discussions recommended we pare the Portal items down to a manageable amount. Tickets more than a year old, completed tickets and Core Trillium tickets will be marked closed, to reduce the overall number of tickets inserted into the new portal. 

Boards have an important role in this. We posted to each Board's Client FTP Folder in the SRB Knowledge Centre, a spreadsheet showing the service tickets you had with RevCom in our ticket system, as of Dec. 31, 2015.  We provided a preliminary recommendation for each ticket, based on its age and whether it involved Core Trillium. The four statuses are:

  • Planned for future – Ticket will be, or has been, scheduled for a release;
  • Business Analysis - Core Trillium ticket that should be considered when that module/report is migrated to the web;
  • Move to portal – Ticket should be moved to the Trillium Enhancements Prioritization Portal for client voting;
  • Close – Ticket should be closed.

You 've been able to access the Portal since March, 2016 to begin voting.

Learn more about the Enhancments Portal and how to use it.