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Trillium Enhancements Prioritization Portal


To provide you a louder voice and greater influence on future versions of the Trillium Product Suite, we are opening the Trillium Enhancements Prioritization Portal. This portal allows you to vote and comment on, and be notified of, any updates to minor Defects or minor Product Enhancements (known as Ideas). Ideas with the highest number of client votes will be prioritized for product releases.  For the record: Minor means changing something that already exists, as opposed to developing something entirely new.

Important Note: This portal is not  for submitting any new  tickets. In order for those issues to be handled in a timely manner, please continue to use existing Support channels:

Account setup

  1. You will receive or already have received, an email invitation from SRB Education with this subject line: You’ve been invited to join Trillium Enhancements Prioritization Portal.

  2. Click Verify email address and create password.

  3. Create your new password and Click Change Password. You will be logged into the portal:


Once logged in, you default to viewing a list of Enhancements and Defects, their description, and the number of comments associated to each.  You can sort the list using the Tabs at the top of list for Recent, Trending and Popular:

  • Recent: Sorts the list of Ideas by date entered;

  • Trending: Sorts the list of Ideas by number of comments;

  • Popular: Sorts the list of Ideas by Ideas number of votes.

The List can also be filtered by the left menu:


  • My ideas: Shows only the Ideas that you have entered (not applicable for this portal)

  • My votes: Shows only the Ideas you've voted on;

  • My subscriptions: Shows only the Ideas you've either entered, voted for, or commented on. 

  • Filter by status:

    • Already exists: Duplicate Ideas

    • Will not implement: Ideas deemed not worth pursuing

    • Planned: Ideas that have been placed into our roadmap

    • Shipped: Ideas that have been completed in a released version

    • If there is no status shown, the Idea is Under Consideration


  • Filter by Category: this section contains a list of each product in the Trillium suite, and often the modules within the product.  Core Trillium is not listed separately since it is no longer being actively enhanced.


Each Board will have one user account for the Portal. Each account has the ability to cast one vote per Idea by clicking the Vote  box. To undue your vote, click the vote box again. This functionality provides valuable feedback to the Trillium community as to which Ideas matter most to our users. We stress this ability should not be used lightly; vote only for Ideas you deem most necessary. The more votes one user casts, the less powerful his/her votes become (yes, our software can do that). Therefore, voting for all Ideas is essentially the same as voting for none of them.


Once you've voted an Idea, you're subscribed  to this Idea. You'll receive email notifications pertaining to that Idea any time our team makes a change to it. The Vote box will also turn from grey to green to more easily identify the Ideas you've voted on.





To view an Idea's existing comments, click anywhere on its title. To comment on the Idea, enter your comments in the text editor under the Comments Tab. You may also include attachments such as screen shots with your comment. Click Post Comment when done. 




Once you've commented on an Idea, you're subscribed  to this Idea. You'll receive email notifications pertaining to that Idea any time a change has been made.

IMPORTANT:  We just wanted to mention, again, this very important fact: This Portal is not  for submitting any new  tickets. In order for those issues to be handled in a timely manner, please continue to use existing Support channels:

Duplicates lead to Merged Ideas

If an Idea is a duplicate of an existing Idea, the new Idea will be merged with that existing Idea. You can still access the Idea by clicking into the main parent Idea, then selecting the Merged Idea tab.

Subscribing/Unsubscribing to an Idea


You can subscribe to an Idea by:

  • Commenting on an Idea;
  • Voting on an Idea;
  • Clicking the Subscribe button within the Idea's details. You'll find it at far right, aligned with the top of the Comments box.

Once you've subscribed to an Idea, the Subscribe button will change to an Unsubscribe button. Users that are subscribed to an Idea receive email notifications whenever an update to that Idea occurs. 



Edit Profile

To edit your Profile, click on your name (you'll find it at lower, left; under the list of filter links; or, within an Ideas detail, it is located in the upper right). From either starting point, Select Edit Profile. You can edit your email, name and change your password.

Signing Out

To sign out of the Portal, click on your name (you'll find it at lower, left; under the list of filter links; or, within an Ideas detail, it is located in the upper right). Select Sign Out. 

Let's Get started

Click Here  to access the Trillium Enhancements Prioritization Portal.

Wait! It doesn't recognize my email address! 

The voting portal is actually entirely separate from the website you're reading right now. Here on the success website, we share product knowledge and you can create service tickets thru it. We also link  you to the voting portal. But the voting portal is actually a separate website, tied into a separate database and THAT is why it doesn't know you.

In April, 2016, we emailed Trillium clients, inviting you to join our voting portal. Each client -- and by that, we mean: each Board -- had the opportunity to sign up for one account in the voting portal (unlike our Success website, where Boards have multiple accounts). That one voting account can be tied to an existing Board employee's email or your Board could have created a new email address for that account -- or, it's possible, your Board didn't sign up at all. If you signed up, there's a single ID/Password and a single email address. You need to find out if your Board signed up and, if so, who's got the credentials. We suggest you begin your research with your technical director.

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