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Add a new School

How to add a new school in Trillium.

Request for Organization

  • Request a new school to the Ministry of Education using the OnSIS application:  Administration > School Administration > Request New School
  • Once the Ministry has approved the new school and assigned a BSID, open a new ticket to add this school to the SRB Organizations table. Select the options in the fields as shown below, and complete the New Information section found in the Description of Problem field: 

  • Click Submit Ticket.

Validation Tables (School Setup > Validation Tables)

1. Organizations – Schools: Verify the school exists in this table and its information is correct.

2. Schools:

  • Add a school code;

  • Select the Active and Prod. boxes;
  • Select Extract to D2L, if needed;
  • Find/add the school BSID;
  • Enter the phone numbers and address for the new school;

3.  School Families:

  • Create a new Family Code;

  • Add the school to all families as needed;
  • Be sure to add the new school to the All Schools Family Code;

NOTE: The new school family must be assigned to the applicable school users on the School Setup > Security > User Profile form so Trillium users can access the school.

4. Jurisdiction/Streets: Only necessary if this new school is in a new city or town, not yet defined in Trillium;

5. Log-off Trillium and then log-in again. Go here: School Setup > Preferences  – User.

  • Under Default Values, select the new school in the School  field (leave the Years field blank). This will allow you to work with the school-level validation tables for the new school. These school-level validation tables must be defined to complete school year setup:
    • School – Grades;
    • Reason (create reasons for which students may be absent);
    • Reason by Attendance (assign reasons to the applicable Absence Codes);
    • Rooms;
  • The following school-level validation tables are optional. Define them as needed:
    • the various Achievement tables;
    • Departments;
    • Houses (usually Student groupings for scheduling or reporting purposes);
    • Incident CC Names (.cc names which schools may add to some of your incident reports);
    • Notepad Areas (locations of areas where you may post notes on students' records, such as guidance, medical);
    • School Bus Routes.

Other School Setup

  • Add all programs offered at the school, here: School > Programs/Classes > Program to School;
  • Enter the school's preferences, here: School Setup > Preferences > School Demographic, School Academic.

School Year Setup

  • Define your year, here: School Setup > School Year, Track, Semester, Term;
  • Define the tabs in the School Setup > Timetable Structure form;
  • Initialize the school calendar and add the school events, here: School Setup > School Events, School Calendar;
  • Add school staff, here: Staff > Add New Staff;
  • Add/transfer students to the new school year beginning here: Student;
  • Create classes/schedule for the new school year, beginning here: Scheduling.
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