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SRB SIS Knowledge Base

KG Report Cards: Adding Your Board Logo


You can add a board logo, or any image, to your KG Report Cards.


You will likely need your technical staff to help with this, because this work needs to be done in Jasper Reports.

  1. Use a .png image file that is 175 by 72 pixels. If no image is required in the Report Card, make it a blank image; otherwise use your board logo or other graphic of your choice. The filename is your choice, for instance, boardlogo.png or myboardlogo.png. It doesn't matter. It is convenient if you store the image on the server on which you run Jasper Reports.
  2. Log-in to the jasper console as jasperadmin user;
  3. From View menu, Select Repository;
  4. Navigate to Organization > Trillium > Reports;
  5. Click on the row that has SRB_Logo_175-72_alt-01.PNG. Click Edit;
  6. Click Browse. Select the image file prepared in Step 1 above; 
  7. Click Submit;
  8. Try the KG Report Card again. It should show the new logo image -- or nothing, if a blank image was uploaded.