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Merge Students Tips



  • Merge does not currently handle students who have enrolment in the same school and school year.
  • Before trying to merge students, empty the fs_merge_students table if there are any rows in it:

                       Select * from fs_merge_students
                       Delete from fs_merge_students

  • Make sure both students to be merged have matching legal first, middle and last names and also matching birthdates
  • If merge fails using the application, go into the database. Check the fs_merge_students table to make sure there is only one row with the two students you are trying to merge. Then, run:

exec prc_ms_main.

And run:

select * from fs_merge_students

That should return zero rows, if the students were merged successfully. Now, run:

select * from fs_merged_students

That will show whether students successfully merged.

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