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School Groups


This functionality was requested by one of our Boards. Some schools use it to track students who belong to school groups where there is an associated fee and students pay to participate. This implementation provides a way to isolate those groups in Trillium. Those groups can also be used as part of a Board’s "cashless" fee system. Plus, Groups can provide a way to separate which groups need to be excluded to protect student privacy and identity.

Follow These Steps

1. Add a new picklist column, Board Use, to the Student Group Maintenance window in Core Trillium, which displays the values from a new Board validation table.

Screen Shot: Board Use choice


2. Add a new Board validation table, Student Group Board Use, to TWebSchAdmin’s Student Maintenance module to hold the values for the new Board Use column.  The validation table would contain the following fields: Code, Description, Active flag and last update fields (uid, function, and date time).

Screen Shot: Student Maintenance_School Group Board Use


3. Add a new Board preference to control whether the new Board Use field is visible

Screen Shot: Board Demographics in Core Trillium


4. Add a new security task, VT – Student Group Board Use, to control access to the new validation table.

Screen Shot: Student Group Board



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