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Setting up KG Achievement


This article explains how to configure Kindergarten Achievement in Trillium. This module meets the new learning and evaluation policy for kindergartens defined by Ontario's Ministry of Education, starting in the 2016-2017 school year, and includes the following:

  • A unified list of frames (subjects); 
  • Unified reporting (standardized report cards);
  • Abolishing student marks in kindergartens.

KG Subjects

The Kindergarten program now includes the following frames, which are represented in Trillium with corresponding subjects:

  • Key Learning/Growth in Learning/Next Steps in Learning (Report Period A);
  • Belonging and Contributing;
  • Self-Regulation and Well-Being;
  • Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours;
  • Problem Solving and Innovating;
  • Religious and Family Life Education (for Catholic schools).

The subjects do not have strands.

Build JK/SK Achievement screen

The Build JK/SK Achievement screen contains two tabs:

  • Report Periods (board) -- Used to define the three reporting periods at a board level.
  • Report Periods (school) --  Used to define the three reporting periods at the individual school level.

Report Periods

There are three Report Periods in Kindergarten’s school year:

  • A – Ends between October 20 and November 20; the Kindergarten Communication of Learning: Initial Observations report is to be provided;
  • B – Ends between January 20 and February 20; the Kindergarten Communication of Learning report is to be provided;
  • C – Ends in June; the Kindergarten Communication of Learning report is to be provided.

Report Periods (board)

The Report Periods (board) form allows a board user to define JK/SK Report Periods and push them to selected schools. By default, the Report Periods are named A, B and C and cannot be renamed. 

  • Enter the start and end dates for the Report Period into the Start Date and End Date fields, being sure to respect the dates indicated above. The dates can either be typed in or selected through the pop-up calendar.
  • Enter the cut-off date for entering marks and comments into TWebEA into the Mark Entry End Date field. Student Achievement information will locked after that date.
  • The date entered in the R.C.Print Date mandatory field will be printed on the report card.
  • Schools to which the Report Periods will be transferred must be moved from the Available box to the Selected box. Then Click Update Schools to push the dates to those schools.
  • When these options are selected, schools will be able to update those fields:
    • Allow schools to modify Start/End dates;
    • Allow schools to modify Mark Entry End Date;
    • Allow schools to modify Report Card Print Date.

Report Periods (school)

The Report Periods (school) form is used for modifying the Report Periods defined on the Report Periods (board) form and for generating Achievement and calculating Attendance totals. Access to the fields and buttons on the screen is controlled by the Allow schools to modify Start/End dates and Allow schools to modify Mark Entry End Date checkboxes located on the Report Periods (board) form.

The value for the Placement in September field is generated automatically when generating Achievement records for Report Period C and is displayed in the TWebEA module:

  • SK for JK grade; 
  • 01 for SK grade.

Subjects Assignment

Once you've saved Report Periods, you can assign Subjects to them and to Teachers. The Subjects JK/SK form has a fixed list of KG subjects (see KG subjects). Religious and Family Life Education is visible for Catholic schools only.

Generate Subject Code

From the Core Trillium Picture menu, Click Elementary Achievement > Subjects JK/SK to arrive at this screen:

The top portion of the form displays completed Subject Assignments. The bottom of the form is where you make those Assignments. There, the form defaults to Generate Subject Code tab. Click the Teacher, Subject and Grade to be assigned. If you wish to select more than one item in any of those three areas, hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while making multiple selections. Note: On this form, you can assign no more than two teachers to a subject. Click Generate Subject  to make the actual Assignments. 


Use this form to add a second Teacher to a Subject or to change the Default Teacher after a Subject has been generated. 

Note: In 2017-2018, the next two screen shots will look slightly different than you see here; Report Periods will not display at the bottom. Report Periods are now hard coded, because the Ministry specifies which Subjects appear on which Report Period (A, B, C). Clients do not have to do it manually.

Screen Shot: Choosing 2nd Teacher for subject

In the top part of the window, choose the desired Subject by clicking anywhere in its row, as we did to pick Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours, ESL. Click Teachers tab to access the Teachers screen and then use the picklists to either change the Default (First) Teacher, or add a Second Teacher, as we did with Monika Diffy.

  • You can Save with the Save button in your top toolbar or moving to another entry saves the previous one;
  • The Ministry Report Card template only allows for two teachers. That's why there are only two slots per Report Period; If you need to assign more than two, Click Here to learn how.
  • Each Report Period can be individually assigned. For instance, a Teacher taking Family Leave at the end of the school year might look like the screen shot below:
  • Click Save in your top toolbar when you're completely done. 

Screen Shot: Teachers - subjects change as time of year changes

Report Periods

Note: In 2017-2018, the screen shot below will not include any choice for Report Period A other than Key Learning.

teacher screen shot 4 edited for 2017_2018 .jpg

  • At any point in the process, the display above can be sorted by clicking on any of the headers;
  • If you choose to enter a Subject Description for your own information, it will not show on Report Cards;
  • If you wish to assign a Delivery Mode, choose one from the picklist;
  • Check the IEP box if the subject should appear on the IEP of every Student in the Class;
  • If you wish to delete a Subject, select it and Click Delete button on your top toolbar.

Elementary Homerooms/Classes

Once you have Subjects assigned to Teachers and Report Periods, you can assign them to Homerooms, Classes and, through to your Students. From the Core Trillium Picture menu:

  • Click Elementary Achievement >  Homeroom/Classes to arrive at the screen below. The upper section shows created Homerooms and Classes, while the bottom section contains the functions used in their creation. 

  • Click Subjects (JK/SK)Click the desired Homeroom in the top; the desired Grade/Teacher/Subject combination under Available, at lower left;
  • Click the arrow which points right, to move your choice from Available to Selected


Generating Achievement Records

Due to the new subjects introduced with the Ministry's Kindergarten Report Card, the Generate Achievement Records, Calculate Attendance Totals and Regenerate Individual/Group Records buttons will be disabled for school years prior to 2016-2017 to avoid overwriting the now-inactive subjects. Currently, these buttons are working as before. Particularly, the user can calculate Attendance totals, so long as the Preferences > School Academic > Achievement - School using Attendance function for JK/SK preference has been set.

Generate Achievement Records

From the Core Trillium Picture menu, Click Elementary Achievement > Build JK/SK Achievement. If Subjects and Homeroom/Classes have been defined and students assigned to themClick Generate Achievement Records. A checkmark will appear in the Records Generated checkbox; once the process is complete, to indicate Achievement has been generated for the selected Reporting Period -- and by Achievement being generated, we mean: You've created the opportunity for Teachers to enter Grades/Comments for individual Students. 

Screen Shot: Generate Achievement Records

Calculate Attendance Totals

In the screen shot above, when you Click Calculate Attendance Totals, you transfer those totals to Report Cards and Achievement Reports for the selected Report Period, in this Case Report Period B. Do this close to the time at which you expect to run Report Cards. 

Note 1: The Calculate Attendance Totals function will be grayed out if, in School Academic Preferences, you failed to choose School using Attendance function for JK/SK:

 Screen Shot: Preference for using ATTendance in JK/SK

Note 2: If Attendance has not been rolled up to the current data, a pop-up window appears, asking that this function be performed.


The Regenerate Individual/Group Records button -- bottom of the three choices on the Build JK/SK Achievement screen shot above -- performs the same function as the Generate Achievement Records button but has a Select/Sort option (pictured below) to generate Achievement Records for individual Students or Classes. This button is not accessible until you've generated Achievement.

Screen Shot: Regenerate Individual/Group Records

Subject Assignment by Student

The Subject Assignment by Student form is used to modify Subject Assignment on a per-student basis and to copy the changes to subsequent Report Periods, which is a new JK/SK functionality. You can also change Teachers assigned to specific Subjects. From the Core Trillium Picture Menu, Click Elementary Achievement > Subject Assignment by Student.

Subject Assignment Tab

Screen Shot: Subject Assignment Tab

The display defaults to the Subject Assignment tab, shown above. Select the desired Homeroom at top, left; which changes the main display to show that Homeroom's Students. Click a Student to display their currently assigned Subjects at right. You can modify Delivery Mode, assign a Subject to the Student's IEP, or:

  • Add an additional Subject by clicking the green plus sign from your top toolbar, highlighted above;
  • Remove a Subject, one Report Period at a time, by clicking the blue minus sign from your top toolbar, highlighted above. Be sure to read any warnings which may display.
  • Edit any individual piece of information by Removing the Current listing, then Click Add and modify any of the fields to meet your needs: Screen Shot: Show Adding in Student Assignment Window

When you're done making changes, be sure to Click Save icon on your top menu bar.

Copy Student Assignment Tab

From the Subject Assignment form, Click Copy Student Assignment to arrive at that tab, pictured here. Under Report Period to Copy at top left, we added a radio button for copying Report Period B data to Report Period C, as you see:

Note: This form is used only after Achievement has been generated for a Report Period. Select the appropriate Report Period to Copy. A list of Students with Subject Assignments that were modified in the preceding Report Periods displays at right; Select the Student(s) whose modifications you need to copy (you can also use Select All or Deselect All); Click Include Optional Classes if you need to include optional Classes in the copy process; Specify the location for the Error Log in the white field to the right of View Error Log.  Then:

Click Copy Subjects to begin the transfer process. When completed, the Student list refreshes. removing the names of Students for whom the transfer was successful;

Click View Error Log to display it;

Click Save to save your changes.

Adding Board Logo to KG Report Cards

You will likely need your technical staff to help with this, because this work needs to be done in Jasper Reports.

  1. Use a .png image file that is 175 by 72 pixels. If no image is required in the Report Card, make it a blank image; otherwise use your board logo or other graphic of your choice. The filename is your choice, for instance, boardlogo.png or myboardlogo.png. It doesn't matter. It is convenient if you store the image on the server on which you run Jasper Reports.
  2. Log-in to the jasper console as jasperadmin user;
  3. From View menu, Select Repository;
  4. Navigate to Organization > Trillium > Reports;
  5. Click on the row that has SRB_Logo_175-72_alt-01.PNG. Click Edit;
  6. Click Browse. Select the image file prepared in Step 1 above; 
  7. Click Submit;
  8. Try the KG Report Card again. It should show the new logo image -- or nothing, if a blank image was uploaded.

Printing Report Cards

KG report cards can only be printed in TWebEA. Click here to learn more.

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