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Track Shared Students for 34-credit Calculations


This document explains how to track credit information for students shared between boards. This is required only in the scenario where the course being taken at the other board is a course that should be considered for the FT or PT register. E-learning courses taken at another board are currently handled by creating "dummy" or "placeholder" courses in the student's schedule, and you wouldn't have to track them like this.


The student's high credit FTE must be calculated as a percentage of the time the student spends at both schools, and each school needs to show 'their' portion or percentage of the student's total regular and high credit FTEs. The student will be identified as taking courses at other board if either the FT Other Board or PT Other Board checkboxes are flagged in the Student Programs > Registration tab.

If the school chooses to track other school board's course information, the Track Courses at Other Boards preference found in the Preferences > School Academic > 34 Credits area must be flagged. This preference activates the Other Board Courses tab in the Student Programs window that will allow boards to track this information. The information on this tab applies to the student within the currently selected school year.  If the student attends multiple schools at your board, all schools will see the same information.

Information in the Other Board Prior Credits tab should only be populated if the student's transcript history has NOT been recorded in Trillium. The prior credits entered in this field will be added to any credits existing in the student's Transcript Information window. If the school entered a course that should be exempt (e.g. ESL), Trillium would exclude it from the calculations.

On the High Credit Students report, there are columns to identify students who are shared with another board (Oct and March).  The value printed would be FT or PT.  The student's total FTE remains based on only the minutes of instruction the student has within the single school board. 

The Credit Counselling Summary report will displays the information for shared students from another board from the Other Board Courses tab.

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