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Elementary Achievement Setup: KG Teachers

KG Teachers Page - This article explains the functionality of this new page.


Currently, the Core Trillium > Elementary Achievement > Subjects JK/SK page can be used to assign the First and Second Teachers to JK/SK subjects. However, there may be a need to assign more than two teachers per JK/SK subject - this is where the Elementary Achievement Setup > KG Teachers page in TWebSchAdmin comes in.

The teachers that are assigned to JK/SK subjects in this page will also have access to student comments and report card data in the TWebEA application.


Access to this tab is controlled by a new security task: EAS – KG Teachers Assignment

How to Use this Page

The web page, opened by clicking the new tab, contains the following fields:

  • Track: picklist for selecting a track
  • Class: picklist containing all the KG classes on the selected track
  • Teacher: list of the teachers currently assigned to the selected class
  • Edit button: clicking this button opens the list of available teachers and adds or deletes them from the list of KG teachers for your selected subject


Select all teachers who should be assigned to the selected subject of the class (assigning to all subjects is allowed). Unchecked teachers are excluded from the list of assigned teachers. Assignment of the first and second subject teachers is not affected by this functionality. In order to reassign first or second teachers, the administrator must use Core Trillium.