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Secondary Achievement Setup - Award/Credits

TWebSchAdmin 5.40.20 and newer


This functionality is designed to track the student’s progress towards a diploma. A student may have only one diploma specified that they have not yet earned. There is no limit
to the number of earned diplomas or awards a student may earn.

In Secondary Achievement Setup, search for the Student you need to work with, then Click Award/Credits.


Access to this page is controlled by these security tasks: 

Full Name

Where Used

SAS - Application Access
[SAS] control access to the Secondary Achievement Setup module
SAS - Header - Change School Year [SAS] Module Header - Controls access to the module school year list
SAS – Awards and Credits [SAS] Menu - Controls access to Awards and Credits Page

This module adheres to the Update Flag setting for the particular user's role when determining if Add/Delete/Save buttons are visible.

A Little Clarity....

The user must have the all-students flag checked On, on the security task controlling the page in order to be able to perform any modifications on this page,
otherwise the page will be presented in Read-Only mode.

Screen Shot: Awards and Credits


The student you want to assign the Award to must first be selected using the Student Search functionality. The Selected Student header with applicable icons pertaining to various areas for the student is displayed above the Award/Credits fields.

The first time the Award/Credits area is accessed, the default values of OSSD Diploma 1999 are displayed. If this is not the Award the student is working towards it will need to be deleted and the correct Award added.

A Little Clarity....

The type of awards available is displayed in the Award/Credits field. For example: OSSD or C of E. It could also be a non-calculated diploma (i.e., SSGD or SSHGD) or another award (e.g., Bursary, Scholarship).

  • If a student has earned a Certificate of Education, OSSC or an OSSD, the date the diploma was earned will automatically appear in the Date Earned field. However, if they have earned another type of award, such as a bursary, scholarship, SSGD or SSHGD, then you'll have to manually add the date.
  • If a student's credits were entered through the Transcript Information window, our software uses the date the last credit was earned.
  • The Granted By field displays the BSID of the school granting the award. Click the school icon beside this field to locate the appropriate Board School Identification number, if required.
  • Enter the number of credits the student does not have to fulfill, for example: 5; in the Compulsory Credit Reduction field. Changes to the CCR cause the student's credits to be recalculated. This field is only valid for students working towards an OSSD 1989 diploma.
  • Click Credit Totals to produce a pop-up of the Required and Earned Credits by Requirement Area for the Award assigned to the student. The values Compulsory and Elective are the only non-variable rows.

Community Involvement

This is required information for the 1999 OSSD transcript and report card.

  • Enter data to represent the hours a student has completed that have not been recorded in the database (For example: Hours completed while attending a school at another Board). Hours default to zero when a student is added. Hours can be modified on this screen.
  • Hours After Entry displays the service hours the student has had reported on a Report Card for any school within your Board. It cannot be modified on this screen.
  • Total Hours displays the sum total of the two previous fields. Total hours default to zero when a student is added.
  • The Date the Total Hours = 40.0 will be entered by our system in the Date Completed field. The Date can be modified on this screen.

Literacy Requirements

Screen Shot: Literacy Requirements

This section will be enabled only if the student is pursuing the OSSD 1999. If another award is displayed in the Award (Version) field, this section will be disabled. Students pursuing the OSSD 1999 diploma must display competent literacy skills in either French or English.

The values in the Literacy Diploma Requirement picklist are:

  • Not Completed
  • Successfully Completed in English
  • Réussi en français
  • N/A

The values in the Status picklist are:

  • Eligible
  • Deferred
  • Exempt
  • Not a Requirement

The values in the OSSLT Results picklist are:

  • Successful
  • Unsuccessful

Enter the date the student completed the requirement.

If the Adjudication box is checked, the Literacy Diploma Requirement will be automatically set to Successfully Completed in English or Réussi en français, depending on the Board language.

A Little Clarity ...

The Ministry of Education had always required a result in both Reading and Writing, but this was modified in 2016. Students are now required only to successfully complete the OSSLT in Reading.  Due to this change, TWebSchAdmin will populate the field with the Reading Results in the OSSLT Results and Date Completed fields.

Student Settings

  • The Language of Instruction default value is the language of the School Board when a student is added to the database or the same value as a transferred student had in the previous school.
  • The Ministry permits a student to have a Specialized Program designation printed on their transcript. If this student qualified, enter the value that is to appear on the transcript.
  • The Mature Student (PLAR) check box indicates whether this student is to be considered as a mature student, under OSS and using the PLAR process, as per the Ministry’s definition.
  • Check the Potential Graduate box to indicate that the student is likely to graduate at the end of this school year.
  • Check the OCAS Applicant box to indicate the student's marks are being reported to OCAS. Only Active students may be selected as potential applicants for OCAS. Student should have this flag set to be included in OCAS submission file.
  • Check the OUAC Applicant box to indicate the student's marks are being reported to OUAC. Only Active students may be selected as potential applicants for OUAC. Student should have this flag set to be included in OUAC submission file.

Specialized High School Major (SHSM)

Screen Shot: Specialized High School Major Credit Totals

Click SHSM Credit Totals to produce a pop-up of the Required and Earned Credits by Requirement Area for the SHSM Sector the student is working in. The values Mandatory and Optional are the only non-variable rows.

  • Select the Sector the student is working in. The fields Destination, SHSM School, and SHSM Focus are conditionally mandatory when a Sector has been selected.
  • The Destination picklist values are:
    • Apprenticeship/Training
    • College
    • Entry-level occupation in the workplace
    • University
  • SHSM School will be enabled only when a specific SHSM Sector (other than blank or All Sectors) is selected. It will be populated with names of schools offering SHSM programs for the selected sector.
  • The SHSM Focus field will be enabled only when a specific SHSM Sector (other than blank or All Sectors) is selected. It will be populated with names of focuses offered in the selected Sector/School.
  • The Start Date is mandatory.
  • Check Dropped if the student is not completing the SHSM Sector.

Note: When Dropped is selected, Award OSSD Separately is automatically selected in TWebSchAdmin 5.40.20 and newer:

screen shot SHSM Dropped

  • Our system will complete Date Dropped, when applicable; and Date Earned and Granted By.
  • In order to be granted the SHSM, a student must have:
    • Completed "Reach Ahead" Activities checked, indicating they have completed Reach Ahead activities.
    • Used Ontario Skills Passport checked, indicating they completed the Ontario Skills Passport component of the SHSM requirements.
    • Experiential Learning/Career Exploration checked, indicating they completed the Experiential Learning/Career Exploration component of the SHSM requirements.

A Little Clarity ...

We modified the Compulsory Credit Calculation to look for checks in all three of the above boxes before granting the SHSM to the student.

Award OSSD Separately controls whether the SHSM program can be earned after and OSSD diploma.

SHSM Certificates Table

This table is where you add all certificates applicable to the sector in which the student is working.

Fill in:

  • The certificate name;
  • Number of hours the student worked on the particular certificate;
  • The certificate-earned date;
  • A flag to indicate the certificate is mandatory to the success of the sector;
  • The first and last years the certificate is available.
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