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Student Maintenance - Contacts


Starting with TWebSchAdmin, 5.30.10, Student Maintenance functionality began migrating in three phases to TWebSchAdmin from Core Trillium. This article documents how Contacts work. 

Search for Desired Student

  1. Use Single-Student Search to locate the Student whose Contact you wish to edit. Click on that Student's Name.
  2. Hover over the triangle to the right of Maintain Student:








  1. Hovering produces a picklist. Click Contacts and you'll come to a display similar to the big screen shot at the top of this article. Note: The new display may include the icon you see here at right -- Associated Students. On this display, when you click on the icon, you'll get a list of Students from other schools in your Board who are associated with that Contact.
  • The top section of this page is read only, with the exception of Add Contact and Delete Contact.
  • Select Display Past Contacts to do exactly that.

Viewing/Editing Contact Details

  • Select any Contact to view/edit that Contact's Details on the bottom of this page.

  • Access: If you assign a Contact No Access, that means the Contact should have no access to the Student in the real world; and, in our software, it locks this Contact out of everything from Guardian and Custody to Lives With and Access to Records. It also gives them no  Priority for Contact or Closure and changes how the Contact displays in the Student's Contact list:


  • Deceased: If you fill in a Contact's  Deceased Date, the stamp you see below is assigned to their record. The system also automatically sets that Contact's End Date to equal the Deceased Date. To view the Contact after their End Date, you will have to Select Display Past Contacts.


Delete a Contact

  1. To delete a Contact, Click in that person's Select column, then Click Delete Contact.
  2. In the resulting pop-up Click Yes if you truly wish to delete this record.
  3. If the Contact is associated with other Students, you'll get a pop-up giving you the chance to also delete this Contact from the other Student(s). Make your choice(s) and Click Ok.

Add a Contact

Whether you see the screen below depends on whether your Board allows your schools to search for Contacts. Some Boards do not; they want each Contact to be a unique occurrence with their Database, which stops Schools from updating each other's information. This is controlled through a TWebSchAdmin preference found in Student Maintenance > Preferences tab > Browse Contact flag.

  1. Open your Student's Contact list. At the top of the Contact list, Click Add Contact, which will open this form:

  1. At the top, in the Person Type picklist, choose Contact or Staff  
  2. Beginning with TWebSchAdmin, 5.30.10, you can search Students on Address. Fill in the Street Number and first two characters of the Street. Auto-complete then presents a picklist of all matching addresses. Once you select one, and Click Find, the Contact Results List populates with only Contacts linked to that address.  
  3. Alternatively, fill out the Search box and filters, as needed. This Search will search your entire Board, not just your school. If your Search returns too many rows, the software will tell you. Reduce the possible matches by entering more of the Contact's name or using other filters. Tip: Contacts and Staff tend to have Legal names, not Preferred names.

Note: If the Search returns someone already in your database, as in the screen shot above, the Associated Student icon at far right tells you this Contact is associated with at least one other Student, in your school or elsewhere within your Board. Click the icon to learn who it is.

Note 2: We want you to find the right person, which is why the Results show gender, phone, address and why we show you which other Students a Contact is associated with. Use all of this information to help verify you're getting the correct person. 

  1. To add this Contact to this Student, Click Select. That brings you to this form:

  1. The Contact's Access defaults to blank, which is, in effect, No Access. If that's how you wish to leave this Contact, choose No Access from the Access picklist, then fill in only the fields at left which have an asterisk.
  2. Otherwise, you will need to change the Access picklist to Access in order to engage most of the choices below it. Fill in as many Details as you care to, or your internal rules require. Fields we require to be filled in are denoted by an asterisk.

Contract Priority: Lower numbers mean they are more important.

Closure Priority: Works the same way and prioritizes which Contact(s) to call in case of unexpected school closures. 

Exclude Person from Find: Prevents this Contact from appearing in Search results. 

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