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Student Maintenance - Other Programs - EQAO Accommodations/Provisions

Student Maintenance.  Other Programs, EQAO, in TWebSchAdmin 5.40.xx and newer.


This functionality allows you to provide students with one or more Accommodations or Provisions. This is necessary for those students who require special consideration when writing the Literacy Test. This information will be included in the extract of student information to EQAO.

In Student Maintenance, Go here: Maintain Student > Other Progams > EQAO Accommodations/Provisions.

EQAO Accommodations/Provisions


Access to the accordion bar is controlled by the security task stupro_eqao_accomodations.

This module adheres to the Update Flag setting for the particular user's role when determining if Add/Delete/Save buttons are visible. In Student Maintenance, 

A Little Clarity....

The user must have all-Students flag checked On  n the security task controlling the page in order to be able to perform any modifications on this page,
otherwise the page will be presented in a read-only mode.

The field Special Accommodations is a read-only field. The system checks the field for all students who meet the criteria for Special Education Placement/Program.

The field Special Provisions is a read-only field. The system will check the field for all students who meet the criteria for ESL/ELD.

The pick list for Special Permission has three values - Blank, Injury/Condition and New Arrival.

A Little More Clarity....

If the principal wishes to give special accommodations or provisions to the student when writing the EQAO test, select the appropriate reason. The Accommodations/Provisions button will become enabled. Here are the options: 

Blank:  No special accommodations or provisions have been granted. This is the default value.

Injury/Condition: This student has no IEP but has received the principal's permission for one or more appropriate accommodations because of a temporary injury or condition.

New Arrival:  This student has recently arrived from another school and has no IEP but has received the principal's permission for one or more appropriate accommodations.

You receive a pop-up when you click Accommodations/Provisions. The pop-up's values depend on whether the student has Special Education or ESL/ELD information. You can make one or more selections.  


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