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Student Maintenance - Search Panel

TWebSchAdmin, 5.40.20 and newer


Starting with TWebSchAdmin, 5.30.10, Student Maintenance functionality began migrating in three phases to TWebSchAdmin from Core Trillium. This document discusses Student Search in 5.40.20 and newer. 

It all starts here

  • In the top, right corner there are two picklists to choose from: School and School Year.

  • At top, left, clicking the question mark takes you to Online Help.

  • Below that on the left, Click Maintain Student. That picklist allows you to access Student:

  • Demographics          

  • Contacts

  • Enrolment

  • Registration

  • Programs & Classes

  • Special Education

  • Second Languages

  • Other Programs

  • Notepad

Single-Student Search

Whether you need to edit a Student or just verify their info, it begins with Single-Student Search, which was also true in Core Trillium. In the page shown above -- the default Search display -- enter the Student's Surname, or a portion of it, into the Student Search  box. At least one letter of the Surname is mandatory in Regular Search. Click Search to initiate your query.


To get more Search choices, Click Advanced, which will result in this form:


  • You can search on Preferred or Legal names, or on Student ID number or OEN;

  • You can filter on the Students' status, such Active or Pre-Registered (the defaults), and/or Inactive;

  • You can filter on Gender and/or Grade;

  • Clear removes anything you've entered to the Search choices and restores filter defaults;

  • Subsequent searches clear the results of preceding searches.

  • Access to the student’s data and modification options are determined by the All Students and Update flags.

  • If you have a role with the All Students flag set to On, you have access to all students within your school. 

  • The Student Search panel in each page will yield the list of students meeting search criteria without additional restrictions. If the All Students flag is set to Off  for all your roles, the Student Search will perform the search within the set of students you have access to. (Our system keeps the list of available students for each user).

  • If the Update flag is not set to On you cannot modify or delete information. The Save, Add and Delete buttons on the pages will be disabled. Editable controls will be transformed to non-editable as described in corresponding sections.


Search Results

  • Click a Student's name to open their record on the right side of this page;
  • The red cross denotes Students with a medical issue so severe that the medical peril checkbox has been set;
  • The blue shield denotes Sheltered Students -- no interaction allowed between them and one or more Contacts, and the student's current school information is not visible to users from other schools in the Board.

After you've clicked a Student's name and their information is open, they may have icons visible at top, right (if you have proper security access). Hovering over the icon displays an explanation, while clicking on any of them (other than Sheltered Student) produces a pop-up providing this particular student's additional information. Icons which may appear here include:   


Student Locator icon   Student Locator

notepad icon   Notepad


     Expulsion info                     


    Sheltered Student

    Sibling Info

    Special Education  

    Special Custody Info

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