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Student Maintenance - Transfer Students Within your Board


In TWebSchAdmin, in 5.40.10 and newer, this page is used to transfer students to other school(s) within your Board. Boards are able to allow single or multiple transfers using a Board preference. This page is not applicable to ConEd schools. You may also want to read: Share Students Within Your School Board


This feature requires the All Students flag to be ON and it adheres to the Update Flag setting for the particular user's role when determining if the functionality
action buttons are visible or invisible.

If you are is assigned proper Tasks but have the All Students flag set OFF, then regardless of the Update Flag settings, you will have Read Only access to the page.

Here are the security tasks controlling access to this feature. There are also Board preferences which control access to some pieces of information used while
registering a student.

Full Name Where Used
STUMNT - Transfer Student Menu STUMNT - Controls access to Transfer Student menu option
STUMNT - RegStu - Transfer/Register Students STUMNT - Controls access to Register Transferred Students, Register Shared students, Transfer within School Board, Send Students to Coned, and Share within School Board.

Transfer Within School Board

In Student Maintenance, go here: Transfer Student > Transfer Within School Board

Screen Shot: Choosing Transfer Student

Transfer Students

A message is displayed on the top of the page with the total number of students who were transferred and returned to your school. 


This section is used to define the transfer date. This date will be used as the student’s departure date.

Select/enter the Transfer Departure Date. The Date must be a school day after the student’s last day in school. For example, if the student’s last day is Friday, enter Monday’s date. This is a mandatory field.

The Teacher Notices checkbox displays the status of the Teacher Notices as per your school preference. You are allowed to change the value. If the checkbox is ON, then transferred students will appear on the Add/Delete Notices for Teachers Report if they meet the criteria defined in the school preference.

Transfer to School

This section is used to select the school(s) to which the student(s) will be transferred. Based on a Board preference you will be able to transfer students to only one or
to multiple schools.

Select the School the majority of students will be attending from the picklist. Only schools within your Board are displayed. If one or two students are not transferring to the same school as the majority of students, their selections can be individually altered after entering this information. If transfer to multiple schools is allowed at your Board then a list of several schools can be built for transfer. For example, you can choose to transfer your students to two different schools for the next year, where the students would be registered in one school for the first semester and in the other school for the second semester. This is a mandatory field.

Click Add  to create the transfer schools list. If you decided to add another school after the Student List was created, you will need to refresh the students' list to add the second school to every Student listed by clicking Find again.

Click Delete to delete a school from the list. If you decided to remove a school after the student list was created, you will need to refresh the students' list to remove this school from all listed students by clicking Find again.

Transfer Default Values

Select the demit reason from the picklist. The demit code would be This Board or a code that has been mapped to this standard code. These were established in the Demit Reasons validation table.

The Reason for Leaving School field will appear if the Board preference Display Reason for Leaving School is checked. Select the reason from the picklist. This list is maintained in the Reason for Leaving School validation table.

Select All Early Completion Courses are Completed to indicate all courses have been completed for students with early completion courses. If not all courses are completed for all students you will be allowed to indicate which courses are not completed after you find the students.

Student Search

The fields in this section will be used to filter the list of searched students. If selecting an entire class (for example, all members of a Grade 8 class are graduating to Grade 9 and going to secondary school), use the following fields to select the group. If you are seeking only one student (for example, a student who is moving to different school), use the Student Name field to find the student.

  • Select the Grade to limit the student list to only students in the selected grade.
  • Select a School Track to find only students who are enrolled in that track. This is a mandatory field.
  • The Student Name field is used to find a particular student. Start typing the name to get a list of students who match your search. Only students that are active with no future transfer records, no future departure record, and no future share records will be displayed. You must  select a student from the list to transfer. Partial names cannot be found.
  • Select a Class to find only students who were enrolled in that Class on the selected Class Effective Date. Mandatory only if an effective date is entered.
  • Select or enter a valid Class Effective Date. This date will be used to find only students who were enrolled in the selected Class on the selected date. Mandatory only if a class is selected
    • Click Not Transferred  to find students who could be transferred to the defined school(s).
    • Click Transferred  to find students that were transferred but not yet registered in the receiving schools in the default school year. You will be allowed to redirect those students to other schools.
    • Click Transferred and Registered  to find students that were transferred and registered in another school.
    • Click Returned  to list all students who were transferred and returned to your school by the receiving school. You will be allowed to transfer those students again.
  • Click Find to get students based on your search criteria and transfer default values.

Search Results

  • This section displays the list of students who meet your search criteria. You will be able to transfer one or more students.

  • Use the checkbox at far left to select/deselect all rows on the current page or on all pages. Select the students to Transfer/undo Transfer.

  • The Student Name/Student Number field displays students’ preferred name and their student number

  • Click the Student Information icon to view the student's gender and birth date information.

  • The Early Completion checkbox and the icon will be displayed only  for students with early completion courses. You cannot select a student to transfer unless this checkbox is selected. To set this checkbox ON, either:

    • Set the All Early Completion Courses are Completed checkbox in the defaults section to ON and apply it to the selected students, or

    • Click on the icon and select the early completion courses from the Student Courses list and Click Save.

  • The Transfer to School field indicates the School the Student will be transferred to. It is copied from the Transfer to School section. You are allowed to change this value.

  • The Demit Reason field displays the demit reason that will be used to demit the selected students. 

  • The Reason for Leaving School field is controlled by the Board preference Reason for Leaving School. Your Board can control setting this value and can also control whether this field should be mandatory. This list is maintained in the Reason for Leaving School validation table.

  • Click Apply Defaults to Selected  to apply the default values to the selected students. You should be able to change the applied values in the grid. You could also change the default values and apply them to another set of selected students.

  • Click Transfer  to run the transfer process for the selected students. At the end of the process you will get a message displaying the total number of processed and successfully transferred students.  

  • When enabled, Click Errors to display and print the errors which occurred during the transfer process.


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