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Student Notepad

TWebSchlAdmin 5.40.20 and newer


Notepad is a menu item under Maintain Student.

Screen Shot: Initial login under Maintain student

The Student Notepad screen maintains any notes or comments about the student for the current school year. It may contain Medical Alert instructions, Teacher Comments, Truancy flags or any other observations. It could contain information of a personal nature. You can email these Notes to your co-workers or to a student's Contacts. 



The Maintain Student menu option is controlled by a separate security task. Our application adheres to the Update Flag setting for the particular user when determining whether fields are editable. There are other Security tasks that apply. Consult your technical staff. 


 If the update flag is OFF

  • The user will not have any update privileges, even if assigned any of the tasks described in the user privileges section.

  • All buttons should be invisible except for Student Search
    • Use the All Students flag to determine access to the notepad screen. When All Students is not granted, the user can only see and access the students in their own classes, elementary subjects and/or student groups.
  • User access rights are determined in Security settings in Core Trillium. More information here. Depending on Security, in CT there are two criteria for those who have access to a student’s Notepad:
    • Only the author of a note or a user who has been given sharing rights to the note may view the notes;

    • Only the author of a note may update the note.

A new task -- STUMNT - Notepad  access -- has been created. This task will control access to the Notepad screen.

A new task -- STUMNT - Notepad  Full access to all notepads -- has been created. This task will control who is designated as the person who can access any note, regardless of who created it and can edit or delete the note and the comments, i.e. a Super User.


School Setup > Preferences >  School Academic >  Notepad > Default Access to Public 

Page Layout

With the Student in question already open, go here: Maintain Student > Notepad. On the resulting screen, Click Add.  The Notepad Details pop-up window displays. Enter or select the details for the particular note.

1. Select the Notepad Area from the picklist (a specific category of notes). These categories are defined by your school in the Notepad Areas validation table. This is a mandatory field.

2. Subject is a mandatory free-text field.

3. Expiry Date is for this particular note and is not a mandatory field. If  you don't enter a date, this note will be retained until the student is retired from the school.

4. Check boxes for Public, Alert, and OSR are found under the label Access along with a picklist of school staff for sharing the Note with. You may select multiple staff. 

  • Check the Public check box to indicate if the note can be shared with all other users. This will disable the Note Shared with field, which allows you to select specific users with who you can share this information. The check box defaults to the values specified in the School Academic Preferences.
  • Checking the Alert box produces the Alert icon and popup window on the Student Header.
  • Checking the OSR box indicates the note is subject to the OSR (Ontario Student Record) information retention standards.

Once the Note has been saved, the Filter by Notepad Area picklist is available to filter the notes. These are the same values found in the Notepad Area when a new note is created. The notes within the selected Notepad Area are displayed in ascending date order. If the note has an Alert on it, the Alert icon displays. The Public check box is also displayed, if applicable.

On the student's display, selecting Display Expired Notes check box include, all notes the student has, that have an expiry date. Expired notes can be from any school year.

Clicking the Notification icon (postal evelope) produces the Notification pop-up window. Your email address populates the From field. In the To field, a roll-open section - Send Notification To - has selections for School Staff or Current Student Contacts.

  • In the School Staff picklist, all staff with an email account are available for selection. Multiple selections can be made.
  • In the Current Student Contacts area, all of the student's contacts who have an email account and have the Receives Mail flag ON are available for selection. Fields to define the contact's relationship to the student will assist in determining if this contact should receive notification. This link is the technical document on Notifications.

Clicking the Comment icon (ellipsis) produces the Add/Edit Comment pop-up window. Here, persons the note is shared with can create additional comments that are associated to the original comment. These comments belong to the creator and cannot be edited or deleted by anyone else.These comments appear below the original note in a framed field. Within this field are icons for Edit and Delete that are to be used only for the comment.

The Edit and Delete icons for the original note are found next to the Comment icon. When you click Edit, the Notepad Details pop-up window with the original note displays. Clicking the Delete icon produces, a message asking if you want to delete the note and all comments. 

  • Click Yes to delete everything.
  • Click No closes the message and keeps you on the main Notepad page.

To handle cases where the creator of a note leaves the school, making the editing or deletion of the note impossible, we have added the ability to create a Super User. The intent would be for you to assign to that User, a staff member, Principal, Vice Principal, Guidance Counsellor, who would normally have full access to the student.

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