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Continuing Education: Multiple Enrolments


A student may drop a Course and enrol for the same Course later in the same school year.

Registration Period (RP) is a period from the date where the student has been registered for a Course within the school year until the date when the student has dropped or completed the Course.

If a student has been enrolled for the same Course several times, TWebCE merges the lists of lesson completion and teacher contact data for all Registration Periods before displaying them.

Note: TWebCE just displays the combined data from all RPs and does not change their RPs in the database.

Lesson Completion and Marks

Our application detects and resolves the following conflicts:

  • The student has different Marks in different Registration Periods for the same lesson;
  • The student has a Mark in a previous (dropped) RP but does not have it in the last (active) Period;
  • A lesson has been marked as Completed in one RP and as Completed elsewhere in another RP.

In the case of a conflict, TWebCE displays warning message(s) at the top of Lesson Completion, Lesson Completion By Class and Students’ Marks pages:

Screen Shot: Lesson Completion and Marks

  • When merging the data, the lesson unit with a Mark and the latest date has priority.
  • If there is no a unit with a Mark, the record of the last (active) RP for the unit has priority.
  • If the last RP does not have a record for the unit, the latest (newest) record has priority.

In order to promote the merged data into the database, the special stored procedure should be used by your Administrator. After running the procedure, the merged data is stored as lesson units for the last (active) Registration Period.

Teacher Contacts

Our application detects and resolves the following conflicts:

  • The student has two sessions with the same date in different RP;
  • The total number of attended sessions is greater than the number of sessions assigned for the student at the last enrolment.

In the case of conflict, TWebCE displays warning messages at the top of Teacher Contact and Teacher Contact By Class pages:

Screen Shot: Teacher Contacts 1

When displaying the data, the attended session has priority over the unattended session with the same date. The application re-numerates the combined session data positioning them in the order of the attendance dates.

If the total number of attended sessions is greater than assigned number of sessions, the application displays extended list of sessions.

In the case of a conflict, you cannot change the number of assigned contacts for the student in Session Lookup window until you modify the database:

Screen Shot: Teacher Contacts 2

If you Click Merge Session, the merged data is stored as student sessions for the last (active) Registration Period. The same affect is achieved if your Administrator runs a special procedure for merging teacher contact data from different Registration Periods.