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Independent Study Registers - Trillium


This article explains when the Independent Study register should be used and how it should be configured in Trillium and TWebCE.

When to use Independent Study

The Independent Study and e-Learning Register for Day School Pupils Register is used to record these non-classroom instructional credit courses that are assigned to regular day-school students. Enrolment for these courses must not be included in the Full-Time (FT) or Part-Time (PT) secondary school registers. Independent Study (IS) cannot be funded for any student that is recorded as full-time in a publicly funded school.

Trillium Modules Used to Manage this Register: 

  • Core Trillium: For school administration to complete Course Setup, and configure Achievement Setup.

    • Student Enrolments: 

      • ​Students enrolled in at least one regular day classroom attendance-based course should be on the FT or PT Register (see Helpful Notes section below for more information on FT students). IS courses will not be counted towards minutes of instruction in enrolment-minutes calculations.

      • Students not enrolled in a classroom attendance-based course should be assigned to the IS Register.

    • ​Course Information:

      • Course type: Independent Study

      • Remove Part Time Calcs and Achievement flags

      • Transcript/Credit Course and Allow Early Completion flags should be On

      • Define appropriate number of units, contacts and projects for the course

  • TWebCE: 

    • For teachers to enter completed lessons, marks, teacher contacts, and complete achievement.
    • For administrators to print the Register of Enrolment in Correspondence/Self Study/E-learning Courses.

Helpful Notes

  • Do not use this Course Type for a Continuing Education school
  • If a student is on the FT Register, and is taking an IS course, the school will be able to track this course in Trillium and TWebCE for the earned credit, but no data will appear on the Register and funding will be not be counted for this course.
  • This Register is no longer printed or available on the Ministry's website.
  • This data is reported to OnSIS.
  • The Course must be offered during the regular school year (Sept. to June).
  • There must be a minimum of 10 scheduled teacher contacts of 30 minutes each, which must occur during the regular school day.  Missed sessions must be rescheduled.

Managing SAL Students Taking IS Courses

A Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL) student should be put on the PT Register and assigned to a placeholder block that generates an FTE of 0.50. The student can be scheduled into the IS course. School staff will use TWebCE to record the lesson units and teacher contact for the student. Trillium OnSIS will use this information to calculate the student’s Average Daily Enrolment (ADE).