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TWebATT - Taking Attendance for Preregistered Students

TWebATT 5.30.00 and newer


Trillium Web Attendance (TWebATT) is part of the Trillium suite of products, which allows teachers to enter student attendance via the Internet at any place or time. This article explains how to take attendance for pre-registered students, if your school board allows teachers to activate these students on their first day of attendance.


Activating Pre-registered Students

The preregistered students are displayed with other students of in the class, and are identified with a P in the Status field.

When doing attendance, if a preregistered student has not been made absent using the Report As buttons, the student will become active when you click on Save button, which removes the P in the Status column.

If the school board has activated the Display warning that student status will change to Active preference, you will see the message below indicating which students will become active if you click on the Yes button.. If you click the No button, the saving operation is not performed and the students will remain preregistered.

Attendance Validation

A student cannot become active in shared school before they become active in their home school. If a student is not yet active in their home school the following message will appear when doing attendance for the student at the shared school:

  • The following students: {Student(s) Names} not 'Active' at the home school and cannot be active here.

If the student has already been activated by another user (i.e. the secretary) while the teacher is entering and saving the data the following message will appear:

  • The following students have already become active: {Student(s) Names}.

The application will check if the student is preregistered in multiple schools for the same school year.  If the student is not active in any other day school, the application will update the student’s status to Active in the school taking attendance. If the student is already active in another day school the following message will appear:

  • The following students: {Student(s) Names} is active in another school and can’t be active here.

If one of the above messages appears for any students, you are returned to the main page; all attendance records not affected by these messages are saved, and the following message appears:

  • There were problems in saving attendance data or in students’ activation.
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