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Assessment Explorer 6.5.0 Enhancements

Assessment Explorer in StudentsAchieve release 6.5.0 contains these enhancements;

  1. Ability to see and change the Assessment Type
    • To modify the Assessment Type - Click the blue icon to the left of the assessment name. The resulting picklist allows you to select the type you wish to change to.
  2. Ability to edit Due Date
    • To edit the Due Date, click in the field and a calendar pop-up will appear to choose your date.
  3. Ability to see and edit Publish Dates and Results Publish Dates
    1. Click T  to set to Today
    2. Click N  to set to Never
    3. Click within the field to bring up the calendar pop-up to choose your date.


If the Publish Dates and Results Publish Dates are blank, your end result is dependent upon your StudentsAchieve configuration to publish by default:

  • If your default is: Publish Automatically, then a blank here indicates that the Assessment is already published;
  • If your default is: Do Not Publish Automatically, then a blank here means it will never be published.



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