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Data Stager Reports

The Data Stager Reports in StudentsAchieve 6.5.0 are a set of two fully functional SSRS-based reports that can be launched from within StudentsAchieve. These new reports can be found at the location shown below;

Student Profile Report

The Student Profile Report provides a longitudinal overview of a student’s assessment history over many years. Any staff may run the report against any students they have access to. This is controlled by the selection context.

The report has two settings:

  • The student you want to run for;
  • The layers you want to be displayed.

You can select multiple layers by using Ctrl + click.  Note: Some layers will not have data.

Once the appropriate layers have been selected, run the Report.

The Report is grouped by Subject, with the items are sorted in a way that follows the drill-down sort of Student Analysis.

Results Overview Report

The Current Results Overview Report is meant to give a wide-scale overview of current student achievement across one or multiple schools for the selected Subject Areas.  Both schools and subject areas can be multi-selected using ctrl + click.

Because you may be crossing multiple configurations and multiple term-naming conventions, the term and rubrics must be selected manually.  Additionally, the Report can only be run for a singular layer at a time.

The Report will initially group the results for all grade levels and specializations in a given subject together for a specific criteria. The criteria is assumed to be common if both Name and Code are equivalent.  By clicking the drill-down icon next to a criteria, you can see the grade/specialization specific breakdowns.

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