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Gradebook Checklist Ontario

Start of the Year Gradebook Checklist - Ontario

This checklist outlines important steps and the order in which they need to be completed at the beginning of each school year to use the gradebook (August each year).  Teachers should not be given access to StudentsAchieve until this checklist has been completed.

1.   Maplewood/Trillium (SIS) class setup for schools.

a.    Must align classes to report cards.

2.   Run web service integration.

a.    Ensure integration is scheduled nightly and 1 key individual at the board is receiving the nightly integration exception emails.

3.   If you are using the re-direction links to Maplewood/Trillium’s attendance and report card systems, please test the links.

4.   Review Administrator accounts.

a.    Disable administrator accounts that are no longer active.

b.    Create new administrator accounts for new staff.

5.   Review Teacher accounts.

a.    Disable teacher accounts that are no longer active. 

b.    New teacher accounts will be automatically created through integration.

6.   School calendar setup for each school.

a.    Each school should have a track that originated from the SIS, if not:

i.    Re-run SIS integration, if the track still isn’t appearing, contact StudentsAchieve’s support desk for assistance.

7.   Review your grading code tables, you should have a minimum of:

a.    Ontario Levels

b.    Ontario Letters

c.    Ontario Levels (For Mode Calcs)

Important - If you need changes to a grading code table, you should make a new grading code table, so it will not affect previous year’s marks/levels.  You should only create new grading code tables at the beginning of the year.  If you have created a new grading code table, you need to apply the new grading code table to this year’s tracks only.  You need to do this school by school and ensure you only select this year’s track.

Also, if you have created new grading code tables, contact StudentsAchieve’s support desk for us to change your input presets for your add task wizard.

8.   Review your other code tables, typically the task completion code table.

a.    You may need to align your task completion code table to this year’s tracks as well.  Usually, if you have just created a custom (new) task completion code table.

Tip: If you have used the same task completion code table each year, you can apply the code table to all schools.  So when the new school year track is imported into StudentsAchieve through integration, the task completion code table should automatically align each year.

9.   Review your gradebook template classes, typically stored on a separate school board and usually named Template Schoolboard and then under the Template Resource School>>Template Track and Template Teacher.

a.    Review the class configuration for each template class and adjust as necessary.

b.    If you have created a new grading code table, you need to re-align the new grading code table to the achievement chart categories’ extended attributes code table aligned in each template class (Weighting Configuration screen of the Class Content Organizer).

c.    Change template classes as needed or create new template classes, configure and setup

d.    Finalize template classes

10.        Push your template classes to your teacher’s class sections using the copy configuration wizard in advanced view.

11.        Print administrator and teacher staff password report per school and supply to appropriate contact at school for distribution.

 If you need assistance with this process or have questions, please submit a ticket.

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