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Gradebook Templates

Purpose of Template Classes

As an administrator, you could be using template classes to assist your teachers in various ways.

A template class is most commonly used for gradebook setups by subject and/or graded subject.  However, template classes can be used for class content such as tasks, lesson plans and/or rubrics for a specific subjects or graded subjects that the school board would like all teachers to complete with their class.  Template classes can also be used for PLC sharing or general collaboration/sharing.

If you are pushing gradebook setup templates, this allows your teachers to start using the gradebook without having to set up each class and saving them time.

As an administrator, you will need to push template classes to your teacher’s specific class sections at the beginning of each year or semester.  Depending on your gradebook setups, you may have more than 1 template class to push.

Important Note - Make sure the template(s) are finalized prior to pushing to teacher’s class sections.  Once pushed, if you need to make a change, you may need to adjust each teacher’s gradebook individually depending on the change and if the teacher’s started using the gradebook.


Pushing a Template Class to a Teacher’s Class Sections

1.   First, choose your template class from your class section drop down list.

2.   Then from the top tab menu, select Manage>>Classes>>Copy Configuration.


Copy Configuration Screen

1.   Select the Template Type; the Templates tab should be selected by default.

  1. Select the template you would like to push from the list of Templates.
  2. Select the Configuration Groups.  In most cases, you will select all the configuration groups as you want all the default setup from the template’s class configuration and Classroom Content Organizer to copy to the teacher’s class section.
  • The Class Settings group is managed through the Details, General Information and Communication tabs of the template’s class configuration.
  • The Web Settings group is managed through the Web Settings tab of the template’s class configuration.
  • The Weighting Setup and Weights tabs are managed through the Marks Calc./Grading tab of the template’s class configuration and/or the Classroom Content Organizer’s Weighting Configuration screen.
  • The Class Content group is managed through the Classroom Content Organizer.  If you use this option, the system will copy all folders, folder structure and all content from the template class.  This could include tasks, lesson plans and/or rubrics.

Important NoteIf the teacher has any existing data (folders, tasks, marks) the system will move all content into the Lesson Garage folder of the teacher’s actual class section.  As a reminder, we suggest you push templates prior to the beginning of the school year or semester before teachers have access to the system.

  • The Template Permissions group is managed through the Template Permissions tab of the template’s class configuration.


Selecting Teacher’s Class Sections with Advanced View

Next, you need to select the teacher’s class sections.  You have the ability to select multiple schools, teachers and classes at once.

For example, if you are using 1 template class for all grades 9-12 gradebook setups, you can push this 1 template class to all schools of the current year for all teachers and all of their classes at once.

However, if you are using, graded subjects like Gr 7-8 English, you will need to select that template and then specifically select just those schools, current year, teachers and just the English grade 7 and 8 class sections.

1.   Under the Destination Class Sections box, click the Choose button.  This will open up a new window.

2.   Click the Back button until you reach your active schoolboard.

3.   Select your active schoolboard, in this example Archer District.

4.   Then under Optional Steps, select School.

5.   Select your school(s), in this example Cyla JJ Highschool and Georgina K Langdon Highschool.

6.   Then under Optional Steps, select Track.

7.   Select your current track(s), in this example 2008-2009 for both schools.  Please note it’s very important you only select the current year as you don’t want to push a template to existing year’s data.

8.   Then under Optional Steps, select Teacher.

9.   Select your teacher(s), in this example Susan Chapman and Nabil Mouallem from both schools.

10. Then under Optional Steps, select Teacher Class.

11. Select your teacher(s) specific class sections, in this example ENG1D-b and ADA1O-a from both schools.

12. Then click the Finish button.  The Advanced Selection View window will close and bring you back to the Copy Configuration screen with the classes you’ve selected.

13. When you are ready, you can now click the Copy button and it will push the
Gr 9-12 Semester template to the 2 class sections you’ve selected.

As mentioned above, if you have graded subject templates like Gr 7-8 English, you will need to repeat this step for each graded subject.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please submit a ticket.