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How to Complete Report Cards for Administrators

Approving Report Cards Results into a StudentsAchieve created Report Card

School administrators should be provided with school specific administrative access to StudentsAchieve. In addition to providing administrators with access to the assessment information for all classes in the school, this permission level allows for the submission of class assessment information to be approved online within side of StudentsAchieve. Classes are approved on a class by class basis and when the approval process is completed the data will be used to populate the divisionally articulated report card during the printing process.

Approving Report Card Data

Step 1.

The appropriate school track must be selected before the approval process can be completed.

If assistance is required to identify the appropriate school track, please contact the divisional Students Achieve support personnel

Step 2.

The Report Card Manager screen is used to approve teacher report card submissions. The screen is accessed by selecting the Assess tab and then clicking on the Manage Report Cards link.

Step 3.

When the Manage Report Cards link is selected a screen similar to the following will be presented to the administrator.

The school administrator must now select the appropriate reporting period to approve. In this case Reporting Period 3 will be selected. When the appropriate track and reporting period is selected, all of the courses taught during that reporting period will be presented to the administrator on-screen.

Step 4.

Any class that has a Status of Submitted is ready for administrative review. This status setting indicates the teacher has completed all of the entry of appropriate assessment data as well as student comments for this class and had this indicated is ready for review.

Selecting the View button will open the information that will be transferred to the report card.

Step 5.

After the View button has been selected the List Marks Entry List page will open.

All is submitted assessment data as well as the report card comments can be reviewed on the screen.

Step 6.

The school administrator now has several options.

Option 1

If the assessment data as well as the report card comments are acceptable the status of the class can be changed to Approved in order for this data to appear on the report card.

Option 2

If the information is not approved the administrator can select the Save and Check In option and notify the teacher that changes are requested and resubmission of this class is required.

The teacher is now responsible for reviewing the data and saving it with the submit status once the required changes are made.

Step 6.

The administrator can now close the screen by clicking on the X in the top right corner.

Depending upon the local configuration a link to the teachers e-mail is provided on the Report Card Assessments List screen. If configured by the local tech department, selecting a link next to the teacher's name will allow the administrator to e-mail the teacher that changes and resubmission as necessary for this class.

Report Card Printing

When all of the classes in the Report Card Assessments List screen have been Approved the printing of the report card can now take place.

Step 1.

Select the Analyze tab followed by the Additional Reports tab followed by the link to Run Reports.

Step 2.

Select the appropriate track, followed by the + sign to the left of the in the left-hand column of the Reports window.

Step 3.

Expand the report card options and then select the appropriate report card from the list.

  • Check to make sure the correct track has been selected and click on the Next button in the bottom corner.

  • Select the appropriate reporting period and click on the Next button in the bottom corner.

  • Select the teachers who delivered classes during this reporting period. CRTL-click can be used to select specific teachers from the list and click on the Next button in the bottom corner.

  • Select the classes that will appear on the report card and click on the Next button in the bottom corner

  • Select the students for which report cards will be generated during this process and click on the Next button in the bottom corner.

  • Ensure that Show Withdrawn Classes is unchecked and Show on Unsubmitted Data is checked and click on the Next button in the bottom corner.

  • Select Process Report in the bottom corner.

Please Note: When Process Report is selected the data from all the classes for all the students is being synthesized on a divisional server. Depending on the number of teachers and students that were selected this last step can take considerable time for the report card to be processed. When the processing is completed a new screen will appear any completed PDF version of the report card or all of the student selected will be presented. This file can now be saved to the local user's computer and printed.

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