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How to Complete Report Cards for Teachers


As a result of specific local requirements, StudentsAchieve has developed a custom report card a number of school jurisdictions. This report card can be used in conjunction with the StudentsAchieve Gradebook where assessment values can be simply pulled from the GradeBook into a screen called the List Marks Entry List screen in the StudentsAchieve report card system. The StudentsAchieve report card generation system can also be used without the Gradebook by using the standard report card interface.

As part of the report card creation process, a teacher is required to assess each class individually and enter assessment values as well as report card comments into StudentsAchieve on a class or subject basis. During the report card printing process, the assessment values and comments are pulled together from the entire student’s class data to populate the divisionally designed report card.

Inputting Report Card Marks

The first step of the report card generation process is for teachers to access the Report Card Data Management Screen in StudentsAchieve. To access this screen the user selects ‘Input Report Card Results’ on the shortcuts menu of the home page.

The user can also access the report card interface by selecting ‘Assess>>Report Cards and Input Report Card Results’. This will open the Report Card Data Management screen.

Report Card Data Management Screen

When the appropriate reporting period is selected a listing of the classes that require marks entry and comment entry will be presented to the user. In the example that follows, the teacher will need to enter marks and comments for courses ELA05-a and FNA05-a. In some cases, information may also need to be entered into the homeroom. This typically is a requisite when a student has specific programming requirements like an IEP.

Important Note: when a user accesses the report card interface they need to ensure the correct reporting period is selected. The current reporting period should be marked with an *.

After the appropriate reporting period is select, the classes that require data entry are presented to the teacher.

It is important to note that individual classes can have different status settings.

Class Status Descriptions

Checked Out –when a teacher is working on a subject it needs to be checked out. No one else can edit a class when the teacher or another individual has it checked out.

Checked In –when a teacher completes their work on a specific class it should be checked in before moving on to other work. This will allow others that have appropriate security access to be able to edit the report card information.

Submit –when a teacher is completed marks and comment entry, the status should be changed to Submit. This will indicate to the office that the call report card information is ready for administrative review and approval.


Entering Report Card Values - Manually

  1. Open the Report Card Data Management screen and ensure the correct reporting is selected. In order to enter report card data, a teacher must check the class out. Select the class or classes to be checked out.

  2. Select Change Status and click on Check Out

  3. Now that the class is checked out, the view button can be selected. This will open the List Marks Entry List screen.

    When the screen opens, the teacher is provided with a class view of all the students as well as the ability to enter marks, achievement levels and report card comments. It should be noted that this data will be used to populate the report card during the printing process,


    Parts of the List Marks Entry List screen in Class View.

    •  is the edit record button and provides teachers a student by student view that can be used for the marks entry process. When this is selected, all a student classes are presented in a single screen and allows for mark and comment entry on a student by student basis.

    • Student ID Number

    • A listing of all the items that have been assessed are will appear of the report card.

    • A Comment Area where report card comments can be entered.

    •  Fill Down option allows teachers to select a single value or level and have the value be applied to all students. Once this is carried out, values or levels for individual students can be changed.

    •  option is a useful option only for teachers in divisions that are using the StudentsAchieve GradeBook. This button allows a teacher to “pull” assessment data from the GradeBook and populate this screen using a few mouse button clicks.

    • selection box provides teachers with the divisionally defined levels or values that can be used during the reporting process

    • Comment box- where the report card comment can be entered.

  4. Now that the class is checked out, values in each selection box must be populated. Select the drop down arrow and choose the appropriate value

  5. Enter a report card comment.


  6. Select the appropriate save option.

       Save Options Descriptions

       Save – Use this regularly while working on the data entry process.

       Save and Close – This will save the data but keep the subject checked out and no one can edit it.

       Save and Check In – This will save the data and allow others that have security access to edit the subject’s report card data.

       Save and Submit – This option is used when subject data is report card data and can be submitted to the office for approval and printing

    Please Note: The List Marks Entry List screen does not have Autosave functionality. If a teacher leaves this screen without saving, all entered data will be lost. It is highly recommended that teacher Save every 5 minutes as they work in this screen.

  7. When the class assessment values and comments are finalized the teachers selects the to indicate to school administration the report card data is ready for review and approval.


    Entering Report Card Values – Pulling GradeBook Values or Entries

    Option 1) Full class import

    Note: This process is only available to teachers who are using the StudentsAchieve Gradebook

    1. Follow the first three steps for the Entering Report Card Values – Manually previously explained in this document to open the List Marks Entry List screen.

    2. Select the Import Classroom Results button  

    3. Enter Record Card Comments.

    4. When the class assessment values and comments are finalized the teachers selects the to indicate to school administration the report card data is ready for review and approval.

Please note – you can use the Unlink (no mark source) option, if you want to delete the levels for one outcome for the entire class quickly.


Adding Report Cards Comments in StudentsAchieve


In addition to allowing teachers to enter assessed levels or values, the List Marks Entry List screen also provides a teacher with the ability to enter a report card comment.

Teachers are using a StudentsAchieve developed report card have a number of options when it comes to accessing and creating report card comments. These options include:

  • Manually typing in comments or copying and pasting from another document into the comment box.

  • Accessing to a divisional comment bank (if provided). These comments are typically exemplar comments populated by divisional staff.

  • A school comment bank (if provided) populated at the school level and the comments cannot be modified by the individual teacher.

  • A personal comment bank. This area of the comment bank tool allows teachers to create multiple subject specific comment banks. 


Parts of the Comment Bank Tool



   Selecting this option will open the Comment Bank Browser

  Selecting this option will expand the comment box during the manual entry process


Character counter

Comment Box




Manually Entering Comments

Comments can be manually entered into the comment box or comments can be copied and pasted into this area from another document.

If the expanded comment box is used, teachers will also have access to a spellcheck function during the manual entry process.

The StudentsAchieve Comment Bank Tool


A teacher can add multiple comments from your Divisional, school or personal comment banks from this window. Divisional and school comment banks are populated by individuals that have administrative access. Personal comment banks are teacher owned and allow teachers to create a unique comment bank that can be broken down into specific subject or area folders. To access the Students Achieve Comment Bank System from within the report card system, select the  icon in the List Marks Entry List screen. When the comment bank tool opens a user has two options.

  • The Comment Bank Browser allows the user to select a comment bank to pull comments from. In addition, it allows teachers to create personal comments banks as well as enter their own comments into the system.

  • The Comment Bank Editor is where comments can be pulled in from various comment banks as well as manual editing before the completed comment is exported to the List Marks Entry List screen.

    Comment Bank Browser

    Selecting the Please Select option in the Comment Bank Browser allows a teacher to:

  • Access a teacher created comment banks.

  • Create a new personal comment bank.

  • Access all comment banks that are available including divisionally and school create comment banks

  • Print the contents of a comment bank by selecting the printer icon in the top right corner of the screen.

  1. Teachers are able to create a number of comment banks within the system by selecting . The comment banks could be subject specific or related to specific areas that will be accessed.
  2. To add comments to a specific Comment Bank, the user selects the appropriate comment banks in the Comment Bank Browser. In the following example the only comment bank that is available is titled My Report Card Comments. Once the comment bank is selected, click on the drop down arrow to the left of the title Comment Bank Browser.

3. To add a comment, select the button. The following screen will appear.

Enter the comment text and where appropriate personal pronouns using the upper/lower case option. First Name option will pull the students first name automatically when the report card is printed.

4. Select Save and the comment will be numbered and added to the selected comment bank for future use.

5. Repeat these steps until the comment bank is populated with the appropriate comments.



Please Note:

The StudentsAchieve Comment Bank can be accesses from within the Report Card System or it can be assessed directly from StudentsAchieve. The latter is ideal for when an administrator or teacher would like to access the Comment Bank in order to add or modify comments prior to the report card generating process.

To access the Comment Bank system independent from the Report Card System:

  • Select the Assess Tab - then click on Comment Bank Browser






Inserting Comments from a Comment Bank into the Comment Editor

Once a comment bank is selected, clicking on the drop down arrow to the left of the Comment Bank Browser will open a list of all the comments in the selected comment bank. In the following example, the teacher created a number of mathematics specific comment banks. In this example the Mathematics/7/Shapes and Space comment bank will be used.

When the Mathematics/7/Shapes and Space comment bank is selected the teacher is presented with a list of all the comments that the teacher previously entered into this comment bank.

A comment can be selected for insertion by clicking on the insert button to the left of the appropriate comment.

The Comment Bank Browser window will close and the comment will be inserted in the Comment Bank Editor window.


Please Note

  • Numeric comment codes are listed to the left of the comment in both the Comment Bank Browser as well as when a comment bank is printed. If a teacher uses the comment codes the associated comments will be entered into the comment bank editor window.
  • When comments are added to the comment bank editor window, the personal pronouns will be converted using the appropriate student names.
  • Comments can also be manually entered into the comment window.
  • Spellcheck is also available in the comment bank editor window.


The Comment Bank Administrator

The Comment Bank Administrator is a legacy tool that was developed prior to the Comment Bank Brower. Users will typically use the Browser for day functions such adding/modifying/deleting personal comments and comment banks. The Administrator tool can be used for specific more advanced tasks such as:

  • Adding divisional comment banks.
  • Adding school comment banks
  • Allow teachers to share personal comment banks with colleagues. Sharing comment banks is ideal when a group of teachers of a department develops a set of comments under one users name and then shares them with others in the group. It has also been used in situations where experienced or master teachers share comment banks with new colleagues.

Using the Comment Bank Administrator

In the following example the user is logged into StudentsAchieve with administrator privileges and will add a school based comment bank title CLS to École St. Anne School.

Step 1.

  • Log into StudentsAchieve as an administrator.

  • Select the Assess tab and click on the link Comment Bank Administrator

Step 2.

The following screen will open.

Selecting the Comment Banks tab will open all available. At this time no school has been selected.

Selecting St. Anne School will expand the Comment Bank Tree to include a comment bank specific for the school.



   Divisional comment


   School specific comment bank


If a teacher was selected their comment bank or banks but also appeared in the Comment Bank Tree.


Step 3.

In order to add the CLS comment bank to École St.Anne

  • Select the school in the Comment Bank Tree.

  • Select the Comment Banks tab.

  • Select them New button in the menu ribbon. 

  • Add the appropriate comment bank name and click on Add This Comment Bank. In this case CLS will be used for the comment bank name.

  • Select the refresh arrow in the Comment Bank Tree.

  • Select the plus sign to the left of the left of the name of the school. This will expand the view now the CLS folder will be available.

Step 4.

The school or district administrator can now use the Comment Bank Browser to open the CLS folder and add comments using the steps indicated in the Comment Bank Browser section of this document.

Sharing the Teacher Comment Bank

After teachers use the Comment Bank Browser to add comments to specific comment banks these comment banks can be shared with teachers using the Comment Bank Administrator. In this example a Amanda Dunn, a teacher from École St. Anne School will share a personal comment bank title Exemplars with three of the teachers at school.

Step 1.

  • Log into StudentsAchieve as an administrator.

  • Select the Assess tab and click on the link Comment Bank Administrator

Step 2.

Select the plus sign to the left of Armanda Dunn in the Common Bank Tree. Then click on the folder labelled Exemplar.

Step 3.

Select the Comment Banks tab in the middle of the screen. The Exemplar folder will be indicated in the bread crumps.

Step 4.

Selecting the  button will open the following screen.

Please Note: teachers have the ability to provide other teachers in the division with either Read-Only Access or Full Access to the comment bank. Full Access will give the other teacher(s) the ability to add and edit the comments in this specific comment bank.

Step 5.

After determining the type of access you would like to provide, select new button.

Step 6.

Using the Next button navigate to the appropriate school within your division and select the teacher or teachers that you would like to provide access to the selected comment bank and then select Finish.