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Managing Administrator Accounts

Managing Administrator Accounts - National


Administrator Security


Administrator accounts need to be manually added into StudentsAchieve.  Administrators can be board wide or associated with a single school.  There are seven security groups (Access Group) for administrator accounts.


Super User (Full Access)

Super User (No Import)


Secretary (Attendance Only)

Power Teacher

Reports Only

Basic Reports Only


The Security Group Permissions report lists which permissions each access group has, found under Analyze>>Additional Reports>>Run Reports>>System Reports>>Access/Passwords.




Adding an Administrator


1.   Select Manage>>People>>Administrators.



2.   Click the New button, type the first and last name; email, select which Schoolboard, School, and Access Group, then click Add Administrator.





3.   Once you’ve clicked the Add Administrator button, a Maintain Administrator window will open, allowing you to add more detail.  Make changes and click the Save button.


If you are using Active Directory, you can update the Windows Account field with the Windows Account Credentials.  You can do this for teacher accounts as well. 


Tip – Contact StudentsAchieve’s support desk to automate this process.



If your administrators are using the StudentsAchieve log ins and you would like to change their User Login or Password, you can do this on the Maintain Administrator screen by using the second tab, Reset Login Info.


If you use the Regenerate Login Name the system will create another computer generated login.


Once you are done, click Save Changes.


Disabling or Deleting an Administrator


1.   Select Manage>>People>>Administrators



2.   Find the account you want to disable/delete, click the Edit Record button.



3.   This will open the Maintain Administrator window.  You have the choice of disabling or deleting an account that is no longer active.

·         Disabling an account allows to quickly enable the account if that administrator becomes active again.  You will still see the administrator account on your screen but it will have a grey background.

·         Deleting an account, deletes the account completely.



This is the same process for all accounts.

Printing Logins and Passwords


For your School Board Administrators, you will need to manually set their password and give it to them as the report will only show school administrator accounts.


School Administrators and Teachers logins and passwords can be printed in report form.


The Staff Password Report is found under Analyze>>Additional Reports>>Run Reports>>System Reports>>Access/Passwords.



If you need assistance or have questions, contact StudentsAchieve’s support desk.


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