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Mark Mapping Groups


Mark mapping groups align the export of assessment results to report cards. This article is intended to assist with setup of mark mapping groups for clients using StudentsAchieve for report card generation.


Viewing and Editing Mark Mapping Groups

1. As an administrator, navigate in the top bar to Manage > SASAdmin > Mark Mapping Groups.

2. To view or edit, choose the  edit icon next to the Mapping group you wish to edit.

Important Information: The Criteria Value relates to the Strand (or Focus Area) in Student Analysis if the Number Layers of separation is equal to 1 (or Outcome if Number Layers of separation is equal to 2). The Mark Reference Value corresponds to the text value shown in the report card entry screen. If these values match, you can use  Import Classroom Results to automatically bring the results into the report card. 

3. To edit or add a new mapping first enter the Criteria Value you wish to pull data from Student Analysis, then add the Mark Reference Value as it appears on the report card data entry screen, and the corresponding Number Layers of separation (see Number Layers of separation section for more information), and finally click Save.

Note: If the changes are not reflected immediately, use the Reset Export Cache link at the top of the Mapping Groups List.


Number Layers of separation

The following table outlines example values for exporting to various layers:

Number Layers of Separation Assessment Type
0 Course
1 Strand/Focus Area
2 Outcome


If you have modified your mapping groups to reflect the appropriate Criteria Value, Mark Reference Value, and Number Layers of separation and are experiencing issues with Mark Mapping Groups, please submit a ticket.

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