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School Wide Assessment

Entering School Wide (Formative) Assessments


This is a general handout on how to enter your data for School Wide or Formative Assessments such as PM Benchmarks, CASI, DRA, OWA to name a few.  Each school board has custom assessments and your data entry columns could be different.

This is a CASI example.

1.   To enter in any assessments, click the ‘Input School Wide Results’ from the Shortcuts section of the Home page.


2.   Choose an assessment you would like to enter data.

You will only see assessment(s) that you are responsible for.

3.   Choose an Interval

4.   Choose your class 


5.   Enter your data for your students:

  • Add in the Assessment Date by using the calendar
  • Add in the Grade Level
  • Add in the values from 0 to 4 from your CASI questions

The CASI level and Overall Score columns will fill in automatically as you tab through the fields.

6.   Once you’ve finished entering your CASI data, you can click on the Instructional Strategies tab which will bring you to the CASI rubric and charting features.

You have the ability to click any cell in the rubric, to see which student(s) are at that level for that specific question.

Depending on your school board, you may also have instructional strategies/lesson plans you can print.

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