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School Wide Checklist

Start of the Year
School Wide Assessment Checklist - National

This checklist outlines important steps and the order in which they need to be completed at the beginning of each school year if you are only using the School Wide Assessment system (August each year).  Teachers should not be given access to StudentsAchieve until this checklist has been completed.

1.   Student Information System (SIS) class setup for schools.

2.   Run SIS integration.

a.    Manual import/export integration.

b.    Web Service Integration - ensure integration is scheduled nightly and 1 key individual at the board is receiving the nightly integration exception emails.

3.   If you are using the re-direction links to Maplewood/Trillium’s attendance and report card systems, please test the links.

4.   Review Administrator accounts.

a.    Disable administrator accounts that are no longer active.

b.    Create new administrator accounts for new staff.

5.   Review Teacher accounts.

a.    Disable teacher accounts that are no longer active.  New teacher accounts will be automatically created through integration.

6.   Print administrator and teacher staff password report per school and supply to appropriate contact at school for distribution.


If you need assistance with this process or have questions, please submit a ticket.


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