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Troubleshooting Report Card Results Export

StudentsAchieve has a set of rules that map the gradebook elements with the report card elements. Which this does add some complexity, it allows us flexibility to handle changes to curriculum and report cards.

For Example we have three strands in the gradebook.

And three strands in the report card.

If you go the Manage - > SASAdmin -> Mark mapping groups you will find these rules.

You will find the grade and subject specific entries in this list.

If you edit the rule in question you will see the mapping from the gradebook codes and the report card codes.

The Criteria Value is the Gradebook Object Name, and the Mark Reference Value is the report card Object name.

For example, if you find that there is a strand in the gradebook that has data but does not export to the report card, you will want to inspect the grade and subject specific mark mapping rules. You will want to ensure that the strings under Criteria Value match the Strand in Student Analysis, and the Mark Reference Value matched the report card element.

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