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Using the Gradebook with Traditional Setup

Using the Gradebook with Traditional Setup Handout


Using the Gradebook through Marks Entry

This handout assumes you’ve already created your folder structure and weighting setup in the Class Content Organizer for each subject.


You can start using the gradebook by adding tasks and evaluations by class.


1.   First, choose your class from your class section drop down list.


2.   Then from the Shortcuts menu, select Input Classroom Marks.




Marks Entry Features

Within Marks Entry, you have the ability to enter marks, create new tasks, edit existing tasks and view individual student’s evaluations.


On the left panel, you can switch between entering marks by assignment or by student.  You also have different selection options.


The green arrows allow you to expand and collapse the left panel and the selection options boxes.

Class Selection - You can change to another class from the Class drop down list.

Folder Selection – You can select a default folder to put your tasks in.

View Options – You can show and hide inactive tasks and students as well as sort your tasks by due date or alphabetically.

Assignment List – You can edit, delete and add new tasks from the Assignment List area.

Adding a New Task

1.   From the Marks Entry By Assignment screen, click the New button in the Assignment List area.

2.   A new window will open with the Add New Assignment wizard, which allows you to create new assignments based on your gradebook setup.

·         Enter a task name.

·         Select a folder that task is going in (if you didn’t in the left panel).

·         Select a type of assessment; you have the choice of Summative, Formative, Diagnostic or Other.

·         Enter the total points available for the task and scale value if you are using scalar weighting.

·         Select a due date from the calendar icon.  It is important to use due dates so your class and student reports display by due date and for dates to show on the parent/student portal (only if the portal is on for your school).

·         Uncheck Open on save.

·         Click Add This Assignment.


Entering Marks by Assignment

1.   Choose a task to enter marks/evaluations, by selecting it under the Assignment List.

2.   To enter your evaluations, you have 2 options:

·         You can enter the value student by student.  You can hit enter after each entry or tab through the fields.

·         Use can also use the fill down arrows to enter a common value for all students and then change the value for specific students.

3.   Add a comment to the note pad, if desired.  Those comments can be printed onto reports, but not report cards at this time.


Key Notes:

·         After you’ve tabbed off or moved off a field, the system will save in the background.  You have to have the Enable Autosave option on under the View Options in the left panel.  If not, you must hit Save after any changes.

·         You may have different columns shown on your marks entry screens, you can customize your view by using the add field/column button.

·         You can turn off a task for an individual student by unchecking the Enabled box next to the student’s name.  For example this task is not enabled for Shallee Ballantyne.

Marks Entry by Student

You can also enter or view evaluations by student.


1.   Click on the Student tab.

2.   Choose a student, by selecting him/her from under the Student List.

3.   This view allows you to see all assessment types.  Only summative assessments will count towards a student’s overall percentage.

4.   You can enter marks, comments, change individual due dates for a student from this view.

5.   If you make changes within this screen, you must Save before changing screens.


Key Notes:


·         You can see the overall student’s average next to the student’s name.

·         Like the Marks Entry by Assignment view, you can customize your view by using the add field/column button.



If you need assistance with this process or have questions, contact StudentsAchieve’s support desk.

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