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Year End Class Management


At the end of the school year or semester, as a school board or school administrator, you should lock the teacher’s classes so they can no longer make changes.  This should only be completed once teachers have finished their report cards or entering school wide assessment data and do not need to change any data.



For each school year track, you have the ability to change the status of all the class sections for the entire track.  There are 3 different statues:


·         Locked Classes – These classes can still be viewed by teachers, parents and students.  Teachers will not be able to edit the class and the class name will be prefixed with an [L] in the class drop down list.  This is a valuable year end procedure.

·         Inactive Classes – The classes become inactive / offline and the classes will no longer appear on the Parent/Student Portal.  Teachers will still be able to view and edit the deactivated classes; it will be prefixed by a [D] in the class drop down list.

·         Complete Classes – This will indicate to all users that the class was completed and the grades they are viewing are final.  Parents and students will see that the class is complete.



Changing Statuses


1.   Select Manage>>Setup>>School Schedule.



2.   Ensure you have the correct track selected in the track drop down list.



3.   Select the hypertext Click here to open the Track Editor.




4.   Once in the Track Editor, click on the Administration tab.



5.   To change the status of all the classes in the selected track (by school), click on the relevant button.

In this window you can see the total number of classes in the track.  For each of the statuses available it also lists the number of classes under each status.

Please note – you can also change individual class sections statuses from the Manage>>Classes>>Class Sections area.



If you need assistance or have questions, please submit a ticket.

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