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Parent Logging In and Viewing Information


Trillium Via shows you scheduling and attendance information about your children, as well as contact and other information about yourself and family. Optionally, in some schools, you can also view your students' achievements and assessments.

Logging In

In any browser -- we recommend but do not require Chrome -- enter the URL provided by your school's staff. On the top, right of the blue header bar, click Sign in and enter your username/password on the resulting form. We do not recommend engaging Remember Me on a public computer. 

VIA Student Login.jpg

That will bring you to the Parents' Home screen of Trillum Via. On the far left end of the blue bar at the top of the form, Click Student, which will bring you to this main menu bar:

Via Student Main Menu Bar 2.jpg

Click Student Spotlight, which brings up a list of your children. if you wish to go directly to one of the areas detailed below, click on the arrow at right and then choose the area directly. Alternatively, click on the child you wish to view. Note: If you see anything to the right of your student's name: Green bars indicate Special Ed.students; red, a medical alert.

The Student Spotlight form displays News Feed, Agenda, Medical Alerts, Contacts, Demographics, Agenda and Attendance. To delve into any of these areas, click your student's name near the photo at right to view. Note: No Access means a contact has been removed from all student access.


Area Description
Spotlight Displays on a single form NewsFeed, Contacts, Agenda, Demographics and Attendance.
Agenda Displays your child's class schedule.
Medical Displays your child's medical alerts, if applicable.
Attendance Displays your child's Attendance, showing any point in the current school year. The arrows below the grid move you ahead or behind in the school year. 
SpecialEd If applicable, displays your child's Special Education Exceptionality, Placement and Program.
Achievement Displays your child's grade history. Current year and previous.
Diploma Displays your child's progress toward Diploma Requirements; potentially including Community Service hours, if applicable.

Displays a variety of info about your child's Contacts, including phone/email & custody details.

Notes: No Access means a contact has been removed from all student access.  "Contact Sequence" and "Closure Priority" display the order in which the school will reach out to contacts in case of emergency (the former) or sudden school closure (the latter).

Demographics Displays some basic pieces of your child's information.
NewsFeed School calendar in list form, which may include vacation days, exam schedules, assessments, attendance.


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