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Student Demographics, Details


How do I view demographic and other information about my students?


  1. Starting from the Home screen, click Student at top, left and from the resulting graphical menu, click Student Spotlight. 

Student Info Toolbar Dec 19 2014.jpg

  1. On the resulting form, click Student Selector from the left end of the green bar. You can either search on the student's first or last name, or you can scroll down to locate her. Your students are grouped by Homeroom, then by Classes. Note: Green bars indicate Special Ed. students; red, a medical alert.
  2. Click the arrow to the right of the desired student's name and click Demographics. Many other areas of student information are also available at this level. 
  3. The Demographics form will then display applicable student information. 

Demographics Dec 19 2014.jpg

  1. If you wish to display a different student's Demographics, click Student Selector, then click that student's name.
  2. From the Demographics form, if you wish to view those other areas of student information, click the student's name to the left of her picture and choose from the resulting picklist:
Area Description 
Spotlight Displays on a single form NewsFeed, Contacts, Agenda, Demographics and Attendance.
Agenda Displays student's class schedule.
Medical Displays student's medical alerts.
Attendance Displays student's Attendance, showing any point in the current school year.
SpecialEd Displays student's Special Education Exceptionality, Placement and Program.
Achievement Displays student's grade history
Diploma Displays student's progress toward Diploma Requirements; potentially including Community Service hours.

Displays a variety of information about the student's Contacts, including phone/email and custody details.

Note:  No Access means a parent that has been removed from all student access.

NewsFeed School calendar in list form. You can also view Students, their Assessments & Attendance.
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