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Teachers Log in to Via and Get Started


How do I log into Via and get started using Via?


  1. In a browser -- we recommend, but  do not require, Chrome --  go to the URL your tech staff provided. You will come to a form similar to the one below (your Home Page may have been customized by your Board or School). Click Sign in, highlighted in the red circle.

Teacher Sign In HOME page.jpg


  1. That will bring you to this next form, where you enter the id/password your tech staff provided. ​Consider engaging "remember me" only if you are on a device you do not share with other VIA users. 

Teacher Sign shot 1.jpg


  1. You will land at Via Home screen. At upper left, you will have two choices: Classroom and Student.

If you click Classroom, you will get these choices:

Classroom Tool bar Dec 19 2014.jpg

  • Class List: Allows you to pick a homeroom or class and pull up all applicable Student information.
  • NewsFeed: School calendar in list form. You can also view Students, their Assessments & Attendance. 
  • Agenda: A graphical view of your Class schedule. You can also view individual Student schedules.
  • Classroom Assessments (optional): You can view and make changes to your student's assessments.
  • Assessment Setup (optional): Takes you into your Assessment tool.


If you click Student, you will get these choices:

Student Info Toolbar Dec 19 2014.jpg

  • Student Spotlight: The gateway to viewing all applicable Student information.
  • Evidence Tracker:  Assessment Planning and Student Work assessments. You can also save Student Media.
  • Student Analysis (optional): Takes you into your Assessment tool.
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