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StudentsAchieve: Update v6.5.20


StudentsAchieve v.6.5.20 - December, 2016.


The Christmas, 2016 StudentsAchieve release has a number of major advancements to meet your needs.

Curriculum Browser

A new Curriculum Browser has been build within UASWeb.  This gives a cleaner method of locating and reviewing existing and deprecated curriculum documents organized by Subject Area and Specialization. 



Curriculum Progress

A new Curriculum Progress screen has been added for each class showing the class breakdown of performance on the content to date.  The structure uses the trees in Student Analysis rather than the curriculum in part to ensure that non-curricular content such as Behavior or Achievement Chart Category progress can also be viewed. 

Release Notes










Patched Back To
AA-2733 Assessment Explorer Folder filter issue with special characters Addressed issue where non-alphanumeric characters in folder names were encoded in filter selection   6.5.10
AA-2817 Class Sections (new) Class Initializing with blank code table Addressed an issue where Class Initialization was incorrectly registering no code table on import for a new class, it now correctly uses the template's configured code tables   6.5.10
AA-3032 Evidence Tracker New Filestore using different folder structure Addressed issue where older files could not be found in the file system after upgrade to latest version of the file store   6.5.0
AA-3189 Export Results Old terms appearing for export Addressed issue where deprecated export points would still appear on the screen    
AA-2862 General Infinite loop in UASWeb login redirect Addressed issue where system will redirect infinitely when windows authentication incorrectly configured   6.5.10
AA-2816 General Redefining current track in UASWeb The functionality of how a current track is loaded has been enhanced to accommodate tracks outside of the current year. Current track will now be based on the first of the following rules that returns data;
1. If the track is active, use tracks that are currently in progress between start and end dates
2. If the track is historical, the current track will be the most recent plus any overlapping (replaces 2 month window)
3. If the track is future, the current track is next plus any overlapping.
AA-2849 Integration: Trillium Trillium Homerooms should be identifiable as homeroom Homeroom course and sections are now labelled as Homerooms   6.5.10
AA-2850 Integration: Trillium Via2 Agent not loading Elementary courses/sections Addressed issue where integration was not successfully loading Elementary courses/sections   6.5.10
AA-2806 Integration: Trillium Suppress error when schedule term is missing from school term list Addressed issue where enrollment integration was failing due to invalid or abnormally configured terms    
AA-2634 Legacy Parent Portal Student File Importer Added support for mass student file upload    
AA-2908 Parent Portal Current Achievements not loading and throwing an error Addressed error where Current Achievements would not load in a Via environment 119886 6.5.10
AA-3204 Parent Portal Assessment Results still displaying in PP when set to Never Addressed issue where Results Publish Dates were not being respected on some screens - followed Publish Date    
AA-2958 Report Cards Report Card Linking: Respect teacher Class/Reporting Period explicit map Enhanced linking system to respect teacher class/reporting period explicit links imported from SIS    
AA-3146 Report Cards Report Card Linking: Performance decreasing on older customers Addressed data bloat issue in linking system, reducing data in gradebook/report card link tables by an order of magnitude    
  Report Cards Report Card Linking: Don't link new curriculum to all report cards Addressed issue where newly imported curriculum linked associated report card data to all classes if not properly configured    
AA-2830 Reports: Data Stager Stager Reports ancestor query does not work on classes without final grade Addressed issue where data was not being picked up for classes without final grades or term comments   6.5.0
AA-2213 Reports: Student Assessment Summary Term filter ID in URL not being respected by Student Assessment Summary report Addressed issue where selected term in Student Analysis was not respected    
AA-2213 Reports: Student Assessment Summary Overall result not appearing Addressed issue where overall result would not appear on first report urn    
AA-2873 Student Analysis Unable to remove numeric professional judgment Addressed issue where numeric professional judgment could not be cleared 119451 6.5.10
AA-2848 Template Settings Error when trying to load existing template/subject linking rules for a specific school Corrected an issue that was causing an error when trying to load existing template/subject linking rules for a specific school.   6.5.10
AA-2844 Touch Marks Entry JSON Serializer exceeded when loading assessments to import Addressed issue where assessments could not be loaded in or imported from classes with large numbers of assessments 117876 6.5.10
AA-2869 Touch Marks Entry TME won't load if an assignment is in a folder with a '%' in the name Addressed issue where folders with '%' in their name would not successfully load 119218 6.5.10
AA-2875 Touch Marks Entry Go To Assessment has items that cannot be accessed Added scroll bar to 'Go To Assessment' list 118965 6.5.10
AA-2992 Touch Marks Entry Migrate Dates do not work in Via environment Addressed issue where migrate dates checkbox was not being respected in Via environments 120509 6.5.10
AA-2918 Touch Marks Entry Loading animation overlaps TME error Addressed issue where "Class not ready for assessment" error message was covered by "loading" dialogue    


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Version Compatibility 

Students Achieve 6.5.20 requires Fusion 1.2.1 or newer. 

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