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Add Items to Lookup Tables


Lookup Tables allow operators to enter data from a pick list, providing data standardization and saving time. Assuming the Table is already set up and you have rights to it, this article explains how to create additions. 

Step by Step

  1. Start here: Setup > Lookup Tables.
  2. On the left side, under Datatype scroll down to the Table you need to edit.

Choose your lookup table.png

  1. Double-click on the Table name.
  2. In the resulting form, Click Add.

Click Add to open your new item.png

  1. Fill in the desired Name and Code. Note: If you are adding items for State or Provincial Reporting, be sure to add the exact Code which the authorities require.

Item looks like this when filled in.png


  1. When you have the Name and Code as you want it, Click OK  to save your new Lookup Value.  xx

  1. On the left, your new Lookup Value will appear in the list

 .looks like this when TOTALLY done.png

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