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Alberta SIS file Submission Process


Regardless of the application version being used in your production. Users will create their SIS files in the same method as in previous years.

However please note, Districts who have chosen to remain in SIRS 4.2.xxxx and below, independent coding cannot be entered for concurrent registrations, [Outside Registrations]. Schools will need to continue manipulating the SIS file prior to uploading into PASI Prep for special coding such as 620 Online Reg etc. 

Flow of Submission Process


SIS file submission flow.png

File Creation

Student  > Gov’t Reporting > Data Transfer > Submit Data

Group Manager:                        All Current Year to capture Withdrawn students

Withdrawn After:                       School Start date to capture any student who withdrew in September

Effective Date:                          September 30th for the final file however current date can be used for earlier file creations

School Start Date:                     School Start Date

Exclude Outside Students:        Optional as per school requirements

Reconciliation of Work Items

For student records with work items, corrections are made in Student Demographics.  After corrections are completed [or at any time during the correcting data phase]:

  • Create SIS file
  • Upload the new file into PASI Prep
  • Repeat until you are free of work items and all student records are ready for the final file
  • Create final file on September 30th
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