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Alternate Time Blocks


Usually schools have a set number of time blocks in each scheduled day. But, there can be exceptions. On some days, time blocks may need to be compressed, perhaps to accommodate special events. Alternate time blocks provide this flexibility. Schools can create up to a maximum of three alternate time blocks per block. Note: This will not affect existing time blocks.

Step by Step

1. Go here: Setup > Preferences > Attendance > Details

2. In the middle, right of the Details form, set the Number of Alternate Time Periods you need. The maximum allowed is three.

3. Click OK  to update your changes.

4. Go to Setup > Tracks.

5. If you are using daily attendance, Click Attend Periods. If you are using period attendance, Click Blocks.

6. Enter the start and end times under Alternate Period Times.

7. Enter the Instructional Minutes, if required. Note: If there are any conflicts, for instance, if times overlap, the conflict will appear in  red, indicating the location of the inconsistency.

8. Once the alternate time periods have been entered, Click Check Fields  to learn whether all times are in a logic sequence. Any times with errors in sequence will display in red

9. Click Close.

Now you need to choose which days to use these alternate time blocks:

10. Go to Setup > Calendar.

11. Select the track from the picklist.

12. Double-click the date which requires an alternate time block.

13. Select the required Alternate Period Time. Once you have selected an Alternate Period Time, other than the default of 0, the Period Time number selected will be displayed if you click that specific date. The day will be displayed with an olive color to indicate there is an alternate schedule for that day.

14. Click OK

Bonus: Click here to return to Next Year's Tracks, Days and Periods. 

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