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Change Student and Contact Address


4.2.1006 and newer


In Student Demographics, Personal 1 page: When changing a student's address, clicking on the City ellipsis pops up the City lookup form, followed quickly by the Associated Contacts form, which stays on top and displays the original city. You cannot edit the City in either form. The only way to get out of this display is to Click Cancel on the Associated Contacts form. 


On the original Personal 1 page:

  1. Type in the new Street Address
  2. Begin typing the city in manually. SIRS will auto-fill from your City list.
  3. Click Contact  in the lower, right corner of the form. SIRS will bring up the Associated Contacts form, displaying the new Street Address and City.
  4. On that form, clear the Contact(s) who should not be assigned the new information
  5. Click Update.

Note: This is not a situation where you would use Manage Family in SIRS 4.4.10 and newer; that feature is for dealing with duplicate contacts.

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