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Demographic Rollover Fix - SIRS 2015


Version 4.2.1010 and later.


In SIRS 4.2.1010 and later, Demographic Rollover (aka. Demo Roll) doesn't always change all of the Student information it should.

  • If you've already run the Rollover and all of your students look correct to you, disregard this article.
  • If you have not yet run the Demo Roll follow the steps below.
  • If you have run the Demo Roll and the students do not look correct, CLICK HERE to contact our help desk.


  1. CLICK HERE  to download a .zip file of materials you will need. Expand the file. Placing the contents on the same server where SIRS4 is installed would be convenient for most clients.
  2. The zip file includes new forms, which replace  your current forms of the same name, in the Forms folder of your SIRS installation. The Forms folder is located in the folder which contains your SIRS4.exe file.
  3. Perform the Demo Roll.
  4. Inspect your students. Do you see the students you should, where you should see them? Are they Currently Enrolled? Are they in the correct Grade Levels? Are they in the correct Homerooms? If so, proceed to Step 6. If they are not where they should be, CLICK HERE to contact our help desk.
  5. If your students look good, return to your SQL Server Management Studio and run this SQL Command:
  6. delete from NYStudentStatus


There is a point in the Rollover process where you pick next year's enrollment date for your students. Follow whatever your school's practice is. 

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