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Error: Variable CSuffix is not found

Error Message

Error: 'CSUFFIX' is not found. Related error messages include CSUFFIX does not accept null values. These errors are most prevalent when trying to run government reports, but can also appear at other times.


This related family of challenges revolves around Null Values in your database's Student User Definable fields. The challenges most often occur in hybrid environments when SIRS operators create new Student User Defined fields and SchoolLogic doesn't know what to do with them. The long-term answer is to prevent such fields from being created in SIRS.

For short-term help with Null Values, contact our Support Staff.

In a hybrid environment, we recommend all new fields be added through SchoolLogic, not SIRS. To prevent users from creating new fields in SIRS, change Field Maintenance to have Read-only access for given groups. Do this in SIRS:

  1. Go to Setup > Groups Security.
  2. Click the Group you wish to edit.
  3. Click Security Details then Click Forms/Reports/Customs.
  4. Click the "+" for Main, then Click Setup, which expands the Setup tree view.
  5. Click Admin Setup, which expands the Admin Setup tree view. Now, you'll see Field Maintenance.
  6. Click Field Maintenance and ensure only READ access is assigned. Click Save
  7. Repeat these steps for each Group you wish to lock out. 
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