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Existing Contacts-SIRS


The Contacts form has a new Existing Contacts button which allows you to select any existing contacts from within the system. It helps prevent duplicate Contacts being added to your data and also lets you unlink Contacts from a Student without removing them from your data -- as long as that Contact is linked to at least one other Student.

Adding Contacts to Students

  1. Open any Student's Demographics. 

  2. Click Contact. 

  3. In the upper left of the resulting form, Click Existing Contacts. That brings you to this question:

If you choose No, you really will get all of the Contacts in your DB. Either way, SIRS displays the Contacts you asked for.

  1. Select the Contact(s) you wish to add to the Student you have open.
  2. Click OK.
  3. The list closes and the selected Contact(s) is/are added to your Student.
  • SIRS will bring in the Contact's Relationship to the Student he/she is associated with in the Picklist. If needed, edit the Relationship to your present Student.
  • Regardless of the selected Contact's Lives With  and Mail To  flags in the picklist, both flags will come in empty to the new Student. Edit those items, if needed.
  • Edit the Contact Priority, as needed.

Removing Contacts from Students but Not the Database

You can remove a Contact from an individual Student without removing that Contact from your data, as long as that Contact is ALSO another Student's Contact. 

  1. Open your Student's Demographics.
  2. Click Contact.
  3. Highlight the Contact you wish to remove from that Student.
  4. Click Remove.
  5. Click OK. 
  • If you now investigate another Student which had that person as a Contact, you'll see he/she is still a Contact for the second student; 
  • If you open Existing Contacts, you'll see that Contact is still available to be added to other Students.
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