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Fatal error: Exception code = C0000005

Error Message

In various situations (eg. taking Attendance) the following error occurs:

Fatal error: Exception code = C0000005 @ 04/30/2015 07:58:52 AM Error log file :\\\sirs4\VFP9Rerr.log 


At SRB, we have not always been able to reproduce the error. At school sites, causes identified have included (but are not limited to) hardware conflicts, printer drivers, applications running in the background of the workstation, bad indexes, temporary files, and corrupted data. All these are lumped together as C0000005 and C0000006 errors and so can be misinterpreted as a single problem.

Here is a breakdown of the leading causes of these issues:

  • 80% - Printer driver conflicts. HP printer drivers are a big cause of these errors. Fix has usually been reinstalling the driver, using an alternate driver, or changing the printer used as your default printer. For example, use the HP 5si driver instead of the HP 4000 driver (which is known to cause problems), you can also try using the Postscript version of printer drivers.
  • 10% - Programs running in the background causing conflicts (GPF/IPF's). Leading causes have been found to be Office Shortcut Bar and anti-virus software.
  • 5% - Other environmental causes. Most often the temporary directory on the workstation marked as system file or temporary files themselves (0*.*, *.mem, *.tmp). Having the Temp folder set up incorrectly can also cause this error, see our temp folder setup document. This is also seen with bad network cards (NIC) and other hardware problems.
  • 4% - Corrupted data or indexes creating the error. More often indexes are the cause but a few cases of corrupted data have been reported. Corrupted memo files (*.fpt files) associated with tables can potentially cause the error. Also reported: If a FOXUSER.dbf exists in the Pro installation and is corrupted it can cause the error until removed.
  • 1% - Program causing error


The following steps helped in some cases to resolve the issue:

If the User has access to the SIRS 4 Folder (from their workstation) delete these two files: FOXUSER.DBF and FOXUSER.FPT. Deleting the Foxuser file is only possible when not logged in to SIRS.

On the workstation of the user, open the SIRS 4 Folder, then:

  1.  Work Station Register Right-click dll
  2. Choose Run as Administrator
  3. Choose Remove all installed components
  4. After the components are removed, re-open Work Station Register.dll as Administrator again and install the dll new (complete).


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