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Middle Names change in SIRS


When we released SIRS 4.3.x in the fall of 2015, we changed how Middle Names work. We added a second location for you to store a Middle Name, because some Students' Middle Name and Legal Middle Name are different.

Two fields are independent

IN SIRS 4.2.1012 and older, Legal Middle Name appeared on both the Personal 2 and Personal 1 tabs. Both locations were tied into the same Field in your SQL Database. If you changed the Name on Personal 2, the change appeared on Personal 1, and vice-versa.


Beginning in SIRS 3.x:

  • Legal Middle Name appears only on Personal 2.
  • Middle Name appears on Personal 1.
  • They are not tied into the same SQL field, so changing one of them will NOT change the other.
  • When you Update from SIRS 4.2.x, the Legal Middle Name the Student had remains unchanged and displays on Personal 2. Middle Name on Personal 1 is blank.


If you want the Students who are in your database currently to have a Middle Name on Personal 1 that's the same as their Legal Middle Name on Personal 2, have your technical staff back-up your database and then run this script:


Update Student set cmiddlename =ltrim(rtrim(clegalMiddlename))


Note: If you previously entered any data into Middle Name on Personal 1, the above script replaces it with the contents of Legal Middle Name from Personal 2. 


From here on out, maintaining Middle Name on Personal 1 and Legal Middle Name on Personal 2 will be independent tasks for you.

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