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Passwords are Corrupt


Some of your Students and/or their Contacts have bogus characters in their Passwords, but this did not used to be the case. This article contains scripts which will copy your Student or Contact Passwords from a known good database into your corrupted database.


Have someone on your technical staff perform these steps:


Before proceeding, perform a back up of your data!
  1. Assuming you possess a database with valid passwords, restore that DB into the same SQL instance as your corrupted DB.
  2. Launch a new Query window against your corrupted DB.
  3. Run this script to deal with corrupt Student Passwords:

UPDATE Student

SET Student.cpassword = tmp.cpassword

FROM Student s

INNER JOIN [temp_database].dbo.Student  tmp

ON s.istudentID = tmp.istudentID

  4. Run this script to deal with corrupt Contact Passwords:

UPDATE Contact

SET Contact.cpassword = tmp.cpassword

FROM Contact c

INNER JOIN [temp_database].dbo.Contact  tmp

ON c.iContactID = tmp.iContactID

Where [temp_database] is the name of the database with the good data.