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Schedule Rollover - SIRS


1. Unlike the Demographic Rollover, Scheduling Rollovers are performed on the School level. 

2. Most schools ensure all Next Year Scheduling has been completed prior to running the Scheduling Rollover -- because there are automated Scheduling processes available in NY Scheduling that are unavailable after the Scheduling Rollover. Scheduling can certainly still be done at that point, but pretty much everything is done manually or through Global Enrollment.

3. We strongly recommend backups be performed on a regular basic through the Year-End processes (we acknowledge that can be a hassle at multi-building districts). We advise you create more than one backup, with at least one being stored on a network or cloud drive. Please save these where they will not get deleted or overwritten. Do not rely on a tape backup. 


Before starting your Schedule Rollover, create a backup of your data

Step by Step

  1. Logged in as a Building Administrator, go here: Schedule > Next Year Scheduler. 
  2. Select the MasterBoard you wish to bring forward. Note: It is your responsibility to know which one you need. Choosing the wrong one will necessitate restoring your entire database from backup.
  3. Click OK at the bottom of the form.
  4. Enter the following fields:

    • Masterboard - enter the new board for the upcoming year.
    • Date Effective - This is the date which will be used as the enrollment date for the students’ classes. (Older versions of SIRS ask this)

  1. Click Proceed. A confirmation message will appear, asking:  Are you sure you wish to rollover?
  2. Click Yes. You'll be asked if you wish to remove Next Year Scheduling boards.
  3. If you choose Yes,  this will clear all Next Year Schedule information for students, including Next Year Fields, Requests and (Class) Enrollment. Any information which needs to be carried forward is moved into Current Year fields.
  4. A message will appear when the process is complete, stating Scheduling Rollover is complete. The system will exit NYR Scheduler. Click OK.
  5. Verify your Next Year demographic and Class information has been rolled into the new current year.
After finishing your Scheduling Rollover, create a backup of your data


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