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Set Defaults on Location Fields


Can I set defaults on the Country and Province/State fields, so that when I add new students those are already filled in?


Yes. You set the Default in Field Maintenance for each Field.

  1. Go here: Setup > Admin Setup > Field Maintenance.
  2. Click Areas
  3. System will display under that and is not modifiable. In the next white window under that, above the larger white window, enter Location or choose it from the scrollable list below. 
  4. Click Fields, which makes new choices available.
  5. Click Country
  6. In the Default picklist, select Constant.
  7. Assign your Constant value in the white box below Default.
  8. Select Rebuild Fields at Exit in the lower, right of the form.
  9. Repeat Steps 2 through 8 for each Field for which you wish to establish a Default.
  10. Close Field Maintenance.
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