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Student Photos - Import



This document explains importing student photos, which will display in Student Demographics on the Personal-2 tab.

Step by Step

  1.  Go here: File > Import > Student Picture Imports. You'll come to this screen, which defaults to the Imports tab:

Screen Shot: Student Photo import overview

  1. Click Add. You'll come to this screen:

.Screen Shot: Import Files

  1.   Enter your Description of the import. This can be any phrase you choose, which relates to this particular import.
  2.  Enter the File Name of the import. Most users click on the lookup button at right, then navigate to select the text file.

  • This is a "lookup" or “reference” file, generally provided by your photo vendor, after you've sent them your students' names/ID numbers. This file tells SIRS which photo file matches which student's SIRS ID number

  1. Select the File Type from the picklist.  Here you are telling SIRS whether the file will be:
    • Fixed  -- Each piece of data is a fixed length of characters;
    • Delimited  -- A specified character separates data elements (far and away, the most common choice);
    • Table -- Rare. And you will have to further define the Table type.
  2. Select the Delimiter from the picklist. If you've chosen Delimited, this is where you tell SIRS which character separates the data elements.

  3. Click View File if you have not already studied the lookup file. You need to know the order of the elements in the file for Step 9.

  4.  Click OK.

  5.  Select the Import Details tab.

Screen Shot: Picture Import Details Tab

  1.  Enter a Field No. for each of the fields from the table/field list.  This is determined by the order of the data elements in your lookup file. For example:

    • The Student Number field will be assigned Field No. 1 if it's the first data element in the lookup file (as it is in the next screen shot);

    • The picture file name will be assigned Field No. 2 if it's the second data element in the lookup file (as it is in the next screen shot).

Import Photos 1 lookup_file_sample.png

In the screen shot, each line is a separate student. The number before the comma is the student’s ID number. The file name after the comma is the photo file which matches the ID number in that row. That's the only information you need. This whole file is known as comma delimited because there is a comma between the data elements. There is a hard return at the end of each line, so SIRS knows where one student ends and the next begins.

Note: Some photo vendors may provide an input file which looks more like this next screen shot. You have more information per student than above, but because you told SIRS which data element is the ID number and while is the photo file name, by assigning each a Field Number; SIRS will ignore everything else. 

Import photos 2 Lookup_file_sample_2.png

  1.  By the time you get this far, you've stored your students' individual photos -- most schools use .jpg or .bmp files -- in a folder.  Most users will store nothing in that folder, except, perhaps, the lookup file. Do not compress your pictures into a single .zip file; SIRS expects to find each picture as an individual file.

Note: The photography company should provide you details regarding the format of the pictures.

  1. Under Images File Folder, enter the name of the folder containing the photos,  or use the lookup button to select the folder.
  2.  Click View File. This is optional, and will display the match of student ID numbers to the appropriate pictures.

  3.  Click on the close button (X).

  4.  Return to the Imports tab.

  5.  Click Import to import the picture file.

  6.  A message will appear when the process is complete.

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