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Students advance in Rollover; should be removed


Some schools run a separate database for their summer school. At the end of the summer, they run a Demographic Rollover and want all students to be Withdrawn and Moved to History. However, there have been some situations where the underclassmen are advanced a grade level instead of Withdrawn.


Create a second (fake) school in that separate database.

1. Sign in as a Board user. Select All Schools.

2. Go here: Setup > Schools > Add a New School.:

  • Call the school whatever you like.
  • A School Code of 9999 can work.
  • Mark the School as being in  your District.
  • Set Low Grade - High Grade to whatever you choose.
  • Enter the same School Phone as your original School.
  • Do not select RegKey Ph.
  • Select browse button on Registration Key.
  • Use the same Reg. Key as your original school.

3. Close out of SIRS and sign back in.

4. Select your original School.

5. The NYR Data you should have entered: On your students' Info-1 Tab: Fill in only NYR Outstatus. Give them Transfer Out unknown or similar. All other NYR fields should be blank.

6. Select Next Year > Demographic Rollover into Next Year.

  • Active Status: Continuous Registration/Continuously Enrolled or similar.
  • Out Status: The same Code you chose in Step 5.
  • Transfer In: Doesn't matter
  • Transfer Status: Transfer Out unknown, or similar
  • Leaving Status: Transfer Out unknown, or similar
  • Do not look at the Track date for Student Status.
  • Withdrawal Date: The day after your Summer School Track ends.
  • Entry Date: Any date after that. 

7. Click Update

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