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Webinar: Troubleshooting GPA

Every student puts effort into their work and their GPA is a reflection of the quality produced.  Make things easier on yourself at setup and during troubleshooting when staff, students, or parents question the GPA.  How do I set them up? How are they calculated? Can I have more than 1 type of GPA?  Where did that number come from?  In this overview we will address:

a)  Different types of GPA Calculations
b)  Troubleshooting steps/resources if the GPA number is different than your expected number.

Applies to both SchoolLogic and SIRS but all displays are in SchoolLogic

The undeniable truth when someone says, "This GPA isn't right," it always comes down to:

The human and computer are not performing the same calculation


The human and computer are not using the same numbers.

Audience - Staff who worry about GPAs, parents & students.

Presented Oct. 16, 2013.  1:08:59.

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